Queensland Roar Season Preview

It looks set to be a bright future for Queensland Roar in Season 4 of The Hyundai A-league, well Sydney Fc coach John Kosmina believes so. Kosmina, the coach of the Roar’s biggest rivals Sydney FC believes the Queensland outfit has some hot new signings. All of this plus more was said at yesterday’s season launch of the upcoming season where Kosmina’s own side have been given the favourites tag.

Queensland found its winning ways last season due to a mixture of youth and experience, however, the experienced Craig Moore and Danny Tiatto were the players that eventually let the team down through injuries and suspensions. I guess suspensions are something Tiatto can’t really help with his lack of discipline something everyone knows about.

This season the Roar have retained both Moore and Tiatto plus the new addition of the former Rangers teammate of Craig Moore, Charlie Miller. Miller is an experienced Scottish attacking midfielder who has an attacking flair to his style of play. Many believe if he can keep the Kilo’s off he will be a great asset for the club.

As usual the youth will be on coach Frank Farina’s agenda. Some of the youngsters currently on display at the club include Luke DeVere, Michael Zullo, Robbie Kruse, Mitch Nichols, Tahj Minniecon and Tom Oar all of whom are under the age of 20. The workhorses of the midfield; MVP of 07/08 season Matt McKay and Massimo Murdocca should mean the Roar should make the finals providing they stay fit.

The fight for the number one keeper’s role at the club will be a hard one for Liam Raddy and the new kid on the block, Griffin McMaster who starred at the business end of the previous season when Reddy was injured. Also in the defence along side captain Moore and Tiatto are experienced trio Andrew Packer, Hyuk Su Seo and Josh McCloughan as well as little known David Dodd, Luke DeVere and Ben Griffin.

In the centre of the park the Roar have Matt McKay, Massimo Murdocca, Charlie Miller, Chris Grossman, Isaka Cernak and Mitch Nichols with Zullo, Oar, Kruse who ply their trades on the wings. The hardest place to earn a start for the Roar will be upfront with recently returned Reinaldo, newly signed Sergio van Dijk,local boy Tim Smits and young gun Tahj Minniecon. Smits and SvD have been pairing together and forming quite an unbreakable connection upfront for the Roar, however, Reinaldo who recently came back from Korea due to family reasons finished Season 3 of the A-league with some stellar performances.

Roar’s assistant coach Rado Vidosic believes Reinaldo will have some involvement in the Roar’s opening clash away to Wellignton Phoenix this Sunday.

Vidosic also stated, “All (previous) performances will not count for much. It’s a new season. It’s a fresh start.”

So overall I believe the Roar will be title contenders as long as Tiatto and Moore don’t sustain injuries and remain disciplined, Charlie Miller stops eating too many pies and the strikers continue to put the ball though the back of the end, the attacking goal that is.

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