Adebayor scored double the goals expected

Emmanuel Adebayor has scored twice the amount of goals Arsène Wenger expected. Adebayor scored his 30th goal of the season on Monday against Derby County. He scored a hat-trick in this game and gave Arsenal a convincing win.

Abebayor has stepped up like most Arsenal players after Thierry Henry left the club. This season he became the first person to score a hat-trick in both games against one club(since Premier League began) scoring 3 against Derby home and away. He also matched Ian Wright and Thierry Henry as the only Arsenal players to score 30 goals in one season in the Premier League era.

“I didn’t think Adebayor would reach 30 goals this season,” said Arsène Wenger after the game. “I thought he would get 15.

“In this team you can score goals when you play up front because we always go forward and you get good service.

“But, I feel there is more in his locker than what he is doing at the moment. You cannot ask a striker to score 50 goals but if he repeats this amount every year, that is a mark of class.”


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