Arsenal Green Away Kit for 2009/10?

Do you like it?

This could be Arsenal’s new away kit for the 09/10 season. It’s based on the away kit from 82/83 which many fans at the time did not like.  These are obviously only rumours and there is no concrete evidence that this will be the kit. But it would be weird to see Arsenal playing in green and i’m sure it would be controversial just like when Arsenal released the white away kit last year. It seems to me that most fans are against this kit. But with nike bringing back retro kits such as this years anfield 89 shirt, we could well be seeing the Arsenal players emerge from the tunnel at Old Trafford wearing this next year.

7 Responses to “Arsenal Green Away Kit for 2009/10?”

  1. Giovani Dos Never Gets PLayed Says:

    Even being a Tottenham fan, I like it. The colours go well, but you can’t be sure any more, with people being able to design such good shirts on photoshop

  2. arsenall Says:


  3. Ar5ena1 fan Says:

    Would suit Ar5ena1 hahahaha

  4. George Radanov Says:

    No way. It is horrendous. Then again not as bad as Barcelona’s new one

  5. gunner4life Says:

    it’s better than the yellow and also the fuckin spurs like white kit

  6. Gooner Says:

    Its alright, better than the yellow this season! lolz

  7. frodo Says:

    best colored away shirt i seen in ages.bring it on

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