Arsenal raise ticket prices!

Arsenal has increased the price of their cheapest season ticket to just under 1,000 pounds and are well ahead on the rest of the competition 275 pounds more expensive than Liverpool(2nd).

The 4.5 per cent jump, which takes the season ticket price from 885 pounds to 925 pounds was defended by club director Danny Fiszman.

“We’ve held the prices for four years but there is substantial inflation in football,” Fiszman told Arsenal TV Online on Monday.

“Rather than keep holding prices back and then having a huge increase, we think it’s better to have a small, steady increase rather than a big jump.”

He added: “Our season tickets include cup and Champions League games, which other competing clubs in London charge extra for.”

Arsenals’s season ticket holders do not need this but IF Arsenal win a trophy it will be worth the extra cash.

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