Where to Improve ‘Wenger Style’

Arsenal are set to finish 3rd in the EPL this season with no trophys in the cabnet. Wenger has been busy looking at Arsenals weaknesses and addressed the issues at a recent shareholders meeting.

He had this to say at the meeting:

“I must say this year we had among the best attack but we have conceded 31 goals which is six or seven too many.”

“We gave more goals away was on direct balls, in the air, through the middle, and most of the time on second balls.

“On set pieces and open play we were as good as Manchester United and Chelsea. The numbers are available. But we have to rectify how we deal with direct balls.”

On the topic of buying players Wenger is looking more for the current players to improve rather then just buying a whole heap of players. He is looking to purchase a defensive area player who is also creative like a CDM.

Wengers target for next season is 90-92 points.

Source: www.arsenal.com

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