Ladić: Bilić tore down value system

Youth national team selector Dražen Ladić is bothered by call-up which Anas Sharbini received for the senior national team.”He is problematic and certainly didn’t deserve it.Even if he was interesting to Slaven, he should’ve consult me first”, thinks Ladić.

Dražen Ladić criticized Slaven Bilić for putting players on which he counted for tournament in Kuala Lumpur (Kalinić and Pamić) on the list of Euro players, but he is specially hurt with call-up of a player from his ‘black list’- Anas Sharbini.

“With naming him,Slaven tore down the value system inside the federation.If some player is problematic in the youth team,I don’t know how could he deserve call-up for the senior team.Even if he was interesting to him for some reasons, he should’ve consult me first”, said offended ex-goalkeeper of Vatreni.

Anas Sharbini

The reason why is Ladić angry is Sharbini’s recent refusing to appear on youth team gathering for a match against Hungary, after which Ladić kicked him out of the team and Sharbini also got 80,000 kn (around €11,000) penalty.

Bilić named him and Manuel Pamić to a 25-men squad for Euro because “they are young and talented and because they play in positions in which we are weak”, and also during the announcement of the list of players he said that he is planning to “explain some things to Sharbini”.

“We cannot go over the incident he made just like that and he’ll get his portion from us not to repeat that again”,said Nane on Monday, but obviously Ladić isn’t satisfied with that explanation.

Contrary, he considers that he is played out and because of Pamić’s call-up, so with ironical question about the number of games played for his club Red Bull Salzburg this season (which is total of 6), he noticed: “On Monday morning I talked to Manuel and told him that I’m counting on him for Malaysia.He said that he can’t, that he is on vacation… All right, if he is on vacation, how will he attend preparations with the senior team?”,asked himself Ladić.

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