Occupation of the Island

According to what’s written in British press, Eduardo, Modrić, Ćorluka and Kranjčar could easily greet more of their teammates from the national team at the Island. Mentioned are Olić, Å imunić, Kovač, Rakitić…

Stipe Pletikosa, Josip Šimunić, Robert Kovač, Vedran Ćorluka, Danijel Pranjić, Niko Kovač, Ivan Rakitić, Luka Modrić, Darijo Srna, Niko Kranjčar, Ivica Olić.

These are eleven players who started the match against Germany on 12th June in Klagenfurt. Three of them are already members of the clubs form Premiership, but what makes this story interesting is the fact that by the end of the summer at least six teammates form the national team could join them.

In explanation, if you are tracing all the gossips which comes mainly from the British press, lately they are writing that Liverpool wants Olić, while Fulham is interested in Josip Šimunić.

Robert Kovač has also expressed his will to play in Premiership, while exactly after the match against Germany Ivan Rakitić appeared in medias as a wish of Chelsea.

True, speculations about the move of Stipe Pletikosa to Manchester United and Danijel Pranjić to Tottenham are a bit older, but they are still interesting for the context of the story.

Moreover, in that sense it should be mentioned that Wigan was overlooking Ivan Klasnić in the last couple of days (but has also allegedly receded), and one time Everton wanted Dario Šimić.

Not to forget that our coach was a wish of Manchester City and West Ham for a long time, the same as that soon recovered Eduardo da Silva will continue defending the colors of Arsenal.

Therefore, there is a possibility that the next gathering of Vatreni will start at the London aerodrome Heathrow, what is in the first row, another great compliment to Croatian players.

3 Responses to “Occupation of the Island”

  1. Chong Chee Ming Says:

    Frankly, wasn’t that Turkish goal a refereeing blunder ?

    Emre Asik came crashing right on top and practically disabled
    two Croatian players, resulting in the ball bouncing past them
    and on to that Semturk’s feet.

    Shouldn’t that have been a foul and Asik booked ? How could
    the goal have been allowed in the first place ?

    And while Stipe Pletikosa is a very experienced goalkeeper,
    I think Bilic should have used his final substitute to bring in
    Vedran Runje, a far more agile and reputable penalty stopper.


  2. skills Says:

    Yeah,that thoughts of yours are like I’m reading my own Runje was in plans for being subbed if the penalty shootout comes, Bilić made only two substitutions so I believe he was going to do that as he announced before, but after that Turkish equalizing goal the referee immediately signaled the end

  3. Chong Chee Ming Says:

    Pletikosa appears to be one of those superb but erratic
    goalkeepers, much like Petr Cech.


    I believe Vedran Runje is far more consistent, not to
    mention a proven penalty stopper, and is my first choice.
    Runje quite reminds me of Joel Bats.

    If Tomislav Butina, an even more renowned penalty stopper,
    hadn’t retired from international football, he would have been
    my first choice, with Runje second, and Mario Galinovic or
    Pletikosa third.

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