Punishment from UEFA

Many proclaimed the Croats as the best fans, but UEFA disagree. Because of racial manners of smaller group of fans in a match against Turkey, UEFA punished Croatian Football Federation with 20.000 Swiss francs.

The reason of punishment are the fans who had smaller racial excesses on a quarter-final match against Turkey, and that intensely hampered to UEFA, whose main action on this Euro is - Unite Against Racism.

Even the fact that Croatian fans were pronounced the best from almost all journalists, and also from the side of the host. The flag with the photo of Pavelić in the middle, few scarf with the symbols of UstaÅ¡as and chanting Za dom,spremni! (For home,ready!) caught the eye (and ear) of UEFA’s agents, which reported CFF to UEFA’s discipline commission.

There were even some rumours that Croatian clubs could be thrown out of UEFA’s competitions for this season, but that is obviously too much. Croatian Football Federation published statement before the penalty has been set out:

“We are fencing and adjudging any racial or discriminating behaviour of small part of fans, so as emphasising the flags which are in opposition with rules and regulations of FIFA, UEFA and CFF. The same thing refers to any form of abusive messages. This behaviour isn’t characteristic for the true fans of Croatian national team, who have, in larger part of the tournament, shown appropriate behaviour and friendly relationship with the fans of other national teams.

CFF constantly takes up and participates in various actions of FIFA and UEFA No to racism. We’l continue with this activity even more intensively, by that searching for new forms of preventing racial excesses. CFF directly takes part in program With football against racism in Europe, also continuously in action Unite against racism. This kind of actions are taking up and in chasis of all representations of Croatia, same as in the cup matches in Croatia”, the statement quotes.

After all, UEFA today brought decision to punish CFF with 20.000 Swiss francs because of xenophobal and racial behaviour of Croatian fans in quarter-final match against Turkey and emphasising racial slogans.

CFF has three days to appeal on this decision.

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