Daggers Player of the Season

As the season nears a close (although hopefully 5 games to go yet) it’s Player of the Season time!

Who gets your vote?

Please stick your top three either underneath or in the forum thread?

(1st - 3 points)
(2nd - 2 points)
(3rd - 1 point)


22 Responses to “Daggers Player of the Season”

  1. leewilson Says:

    My top three:

    1st) Magnus (amazing all season)

    2nd) Matt Ritchie (Given our midfield that extra flair)

    3rd) Danny Foster (Consistant, even during our bad spell, deserves a mention)

  2. speedy Says:

    1st Magnus Ockonghye

    2nd Matt Ritchie

    3rd Peter Gain

  3. Dagger83 Says:

    1. Peter gain - no gain and we were pants
    2. Matty ritchie - just superb
    3. Magnus oksumming - for him to come in and do as well as he has, fantastic

  4. Bob Bargery Says:

    2-Matt Ritchie
    3-Scott Griffiths

  5. digger the dog Says:

    1) Magnus ver magnusson

    2) Scott Griffiths

    3) Peter Gain

  6. Dan The Dagger Says:

    1) Matt Richie - Skillful, hard-working and loves being a Dagger

    2) Peter Gain - You can see how much we missed him now he’s back

    3) Magnus - Solid

  7. richie166 Says:

    1. Saunders
    2. Magnus
    3. Ritchie

  8. Simon Says:

    1st - Magnus Okuonghae
    2nd - Matt Ritchie
    3rd - Peter Gain

  9. Stevew Says:

    1) Magnus Okuonghae - Awesome, has got better and better as the season has progressd. A true man mountain.

    2) Matt Richie - Can’t add much more to what has been said, surely our best loan signing of all time (please let us have him Pompey!!).

    3) Paul Benson/Peter Gain/Tony Roberts - I can’t split these three.

  10. RonalDaggero Says:

    1) Peter Gain helps us to play it on the floor and shows his experience all over the pitch

    2)Magnus Okuonghae , has been solid , as a brick wall , great season , gets the ball forward quickly , even though there were doubters at the start of the season , he has won them over.

    3)Paul Benson , would have liked to have seen more of him but we play so much better when he is on the pitch and his goals are just an extra bonus.

    That was sooo difficult , can not believe I’ve left our Scott and Sam Saunders and Robbo and Strevs and Taiwo and Arbs and Danny and Ritchie and not forgetting what Nursey and the others have done to get us where we are today.

    There is an argument to have put anyone of them in the top 3

  11. Kevin Says:

    1) Ben Strevens

    2) Mark Arber

    3) Magnus Okuonghae

    It’s my humble opinion, that these are the guys who enable our flair players to shine. However, pretty much everybody who’s pulled on a Daggers shirt this season has been top notch..

  12. Moore Fan Says:

    1. Peter Gain- when does he ever give anything less than 100%? Solid midfielder.
    2. Magnus- theres a player every season that comes on leaps and bounds. He is that player this time.
    3. Ben Strevens- his partnership with Benno has improved no end. Plus he dealt with the pressure of Benno being injured very well.

  13. awayday dagger Says:

    1 Magnus - improved throughout the season
    2 Benson - scored some important goals
    3 Ritchie - made the position his

  14. Adrian Says:

    1. Peter Gain - we’re just so much better with him
    2. Paul Benson - goals win games
    3. Magnus Okuonghae/Danny Foster - both solid and generall consistent

  15. Strevensisagod09 Says:

    1- Ben Strevens - work rate and combination with Benno has been class.
    2- Matt Ritchie - Has been a class above
    3- Scott Griffiths - Has also been an ever present and instrumental part of the team.

  16. Ian Says:


    All 3 being quality this season!!!

  17. Daggersiron Says:

    No Question

    1)Magnus - Immense improvement this season.

    2)Arbs - Great leader, blood, sweat and tears.

    3)Saunders - Has been dynamite this season, epitomises the clubs passion.

    Mentioned in dispatches - Matt Ritchie, the ever reliable Scotty and the work that Strevs has put in this season. All those that have pulled on a Daggers shirt this season. The fans.

  18. Redbridge Dagger Says:

    1st - Magnus Okuonghae - gets better & better every game, Immense performances recently.
    2nd - Matt Ritchie - Inspirational loan signing, terrific going forward, hope we can get him for next year as well.
    3rd - Peter Gain - all that unsung effort & work, does the ‘dirty’ & simple stuff so well.

  19. JAB - Suffolk Dagger Says:

    I’ve changed my mind so many times on this but this is my final answer - I think!

    1st - Peter Gain - Was a huge gap & lack of confidence in the middle when he was injured.
    2nd - Matt Ritchie - His work rate, enthusiasm & partnership with Scotty have been tremendous.
    3rd - Magnus Okuonghae - Has come on in leaps & bounds as the season has passed.

    A very close 4th - The rest of the team, everyone has done us proud!!!

  20. Phippo Says:

    1. Matt Richie
    2. Scott Griffiths
    3. Peter Gain

  21. karen griffiths Says:

    1. Scott Griffiths
    2, Tony Roberts
    3. Anwar Uddin

  22. trevor steedman Says:

    1. Scott Griffiths
    2. Tony Robets
    3. Mark Arber

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