Saunders, Strevens & Foster depart

Ever since the final whistle blew on Dagenham and Redbridge’s brave promotion push in May, the speculation regarding several of the club’s top players has been intense.

However, in one of the least surprising transfers of the summer, Sam Saunders, Ben Strevens and Danny Foster have completed a triple deal to Brentford when their contracts expire on June 30th.

Although it was widely known that Saunders and Strevens were Brentford targets, the emergence of Danny Foster departure was probably the most surprisingly of all. Foster has been a regular in the side at right back for several seasons and although his solid yet unspectacular performances had gone widely unnoticed with the majority of fans, John Still was known to value him highly.

All in all, it is clear that the players will be missed. However, only a foolish man would write off John Still’s ability to pluck another couple of rising stars from the depths of the non league!

3 Responses to “Saunders, Strevens & Foster depart”

  1. I*T*P*L Says:

    What d’you make of this Hayes and Yeading striker you’ve signed? His goalscoring record looks very good, but you can never be sure when bringing players through from the non-league, like Stuart Fleetwood, banged them in for Forest Green but hasn’t done much since his big move.

  2. leewilson Says:

    I like the look of Scott, just done a new article on him.

    Benson came from the Essex Senior League and has turned into a goal poacher.

    As for Fleetwood, he didn’t cut it at Charlton but was very good when he went to Exeter on loan during the second half of last season and helped them go up in the end!

  3. RonalDaggero Says:

    You can add Magnus to the list, I was singing his praises at the start of last season and loved the way he progressed in what was a good Daggers side which was playing in a style that suited him.
    However today, after his move to Colchester and the manner that it has been portrayed has happening has left me with a lower opinion of him. His statement that the move was a “no brainer” says it all. If it was a no brainer then why did lead us all on?
    I know you can say he would be foolish to turn down a chance with Colchester but as mentioned, his career was going nowhere before D&R took a chance on him. After his injury and being given his chance in the start 11, I feel he owed us a bit of loyalty and at least done the dirty deed a bit more cleanly.
    I feel he has sold us short and jumped on the Strevs,Saunders,Foster band wagon ,Colchester have come in with a rubbish compensation offer with not much to lose if the tribunal doesn’t do it’s job fairly.
    I can see Magnus’s career take a bit of a u turn if not given regular football, the going is going to get tougher and he could well be found out against better opposition, loss of confidence, then downward spiral.
    Time will tell.

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