Official 2009 England Home Shirt Revealed

The folks over at Umbro have been making a big deal about the new England shirt for weeks now. It has finally arrived, what do you think?!

New Umbro England Shirt

It is pretty much a plain white polo shirt with England crest and Umbro badge, plus all the fancy technical stuff. Lets see how the team perform in it against Slovakia today.

15 Responses to “Official 2009 England Home Shirt Revealed”

  1. Luka Modric Says:

    Nicest shirt Umbro have ever produced, if you ask me. Love the retro look.

  2. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Bellamy you’re not bad either ;) Says:


  3. I*T*P*L Says:

    I like it, but only because it has a collar and therefore looks better than most of the retro style shirts which just end up looking like T-shirts. I wouldn’t pay £50 for it though.

  4. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Bellamy you’re not bad either ;) Says:

    It’s amazing, although £50…ouchhh!

  5. lee Says:

    Whts with the Ched Evans crap??
    Shirts great,£50, maybe not,but wheres the writing under the badge?? Sure we agree looked better with than without?

  6. Oscar Tollast Says:

    I love the kit personally and am actually looking forward to buying this shirt!

    However I agree with lee when he says that it looks better with the banner underneath the badge, where the writing should be placed.

    £50? That’s how much it costs?

    Well I’ll wait a few months to allow the price to lower before I make that shirt mine

  7. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Bellamy you’re not bad either ;) Says:


    Whats your problem?

    ‘Whts with the Ched Evans crap?’

    Shut itt, he’s my brother…

  8. lee Says:

    Fair play,Who is he though??
    City player,n i was only asking,sorry kiddo

  9. CHED EVANS I LOVE YOU! Bellamy You’re Not Bad Either ;) Says:

    He is my brother and plays for Manchester City.

    Keep an eye out for him.

  10. CHED EVANS I LOVE YOU! Bellamy You’re Not Bad Either ;) Says:

    Admin, have you got any more of these shirts to give away? I really want one!

  11. huhlimaha Says:

    This sucks. It’s a school shirt with an england badge on it. Theres no design and no effort gone into this. Dont let umbro make u spend £50 on it just because its ‘retro’. Basically they thought, we dont hav to design anything but ppl will still buy it becos it looks like a past kit. Copying an old kit means u ran out of ideas.

  12. Ciosa Says:

    Nice work! I’ll have to do a cross post on this one

  13. Jason Says:

    the shirt is rubish! and £50 is way to much money to pay for somthing that was made for like 10p giving us lick because its like the 66 shirt is just daft and wont work because england are no where near good enough.

  14. Grobworthy Says:

    Rubbish. Are you kidding me? Where’s the thrill in playing in this? Going to work at a computer software job or playing golf, sure, but playing football? Umbro missed retro and went straight to boring. I only hope England’s play is more exciting than this sad lame shirt. It’s actually annoying they couldn’t come up with a better shirt. They’ll be selling a lot more away shirts because of this one. And England will play better in red, mark my words.

  15. EqualEyes Says:

    Awful. The best shirt was the one before last with the stylized cross at the arm joint – and the tech aspects of that one were great. Maybe the tech in this new one is great too. But that’s not enough. This one I don’t like at all. Wishy-washy blue, white star on white background… since when are footie shirts supposed to be preppy? Come on, you ain’t gonna sell soccer to the Ralph Lauren brigade! It doesn’t even say “England” FFS. what a disappointment

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