It was vital he signed it..

Hello again. Following my recent and first ‘post’ on BlogsFC.Com, I’ve become a little addicted to writing articles. I was reading the newspaper before - Daily Mirror if you must know - and read about a columnist talk about how he feels Everton have been remarkable recently following the club’s attacking problem. I agree.

In my recent post, I mentioned how Yakubu dosen’t do enough for me, and is Cahill reallly a striker, etc. However, I didn’t mention how I feel we’ve developed the strong ethos, and never-say-die-attitude. One answer. David Moyes.

Since David Moyes signed his contract extension the players have responded on the pitch. Before David signed the deal, we were conceding goals. And I mean, a lot of goals.

So, as Big Sam, Harry Redknapp and David Moyes prove - a good manager.. changes the club and players.

Well, a fairly short post this evening everyone, but, see you next time.

Mr. Toffee.

4 Responses to “It was vital he signed it..”

  1. Matt Jones Says:

    Hope he replaces Hughes at City, i really do!

  2. Felipe Caicedo Says:

    I personally disagree with Matt, give Hughes time and he will produce. Moyes is a godd manager, but I just feel that Everton lack enough depth to challenge for the top 6

  3. Felipe Caicedo Says:

    good not god, although some everton fans would say he is god!

  4. Guest Says:

    I agree with your Mr.Tofee.
    Your writing skills are superb.

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