Sinking ship sails back to the Championship!

In true Nottingham Forest style, they were sure to bring it down to the very last day of the season. And what a day for it too! .. A sold out, warm, sunkissed afternoon at the City Ground,… The perfect day to claim a promotion spot (Doncaster Rovers fans would beg to differ, I’m sure!)

Emotions running high, with every nervous soul in the ground anxious over the fate of their beloved club come ten to five, on what was yet to be one of the best weekends in years for the Reds fans.
With Mansfield Town sadly exiting the football league, it was now Forest’s job to restore some pride back into the countys football!

Having followed Forest since I was 5 years old (granted back then the football was alot more, shall we say….attractive?) my nerves were beyond me and the adrenaline was well and truley pumping. All those wet, freezing cold Tuesday nights standing like sardines in a cow shed with no roof, knowing that we were getting played off the park… It made me think, just how much so many people were relying on the 11 men out there.

Whilst our stay in the third tier of English football was anything but short lived, it was a time to reflect. The good times, the bad times (there have been a few!) An experience more than anything perhaps? Call it what you will, we were now staring promotion in the face. It was so close, yet so far. Surely our bubble couldn’t burst and our dreams were not going to become nightmares once again?

With the mood around the City Ground feeling very optimistic, we all knew we had a duty to our football club. Our duty as the 12th man. And boy was that duty carried out! When news came flooding in that Cheltenham Town had scored against Doncaster, I think every Forest Fan alive was more of a Cheltenham fan than the actual Cheltenham fans!! It was looking in our favour as we also had taken the lead against a respectful Yeovil Town.

Surely this was it? we were on the way to the Championship!….

… Doncaster Rovers had equalised.

Suddenly the nerves were more intense than ever before. Yeovil had also got the scoreline to 3-2. Knowing our dreams would be shattered into a thousand pieces if Yeovil or Doncaster scored again, was only too much for some to handle.

Just as we thought the afternoon was heading for disaster…

Cheltenham 2-1 Doncaster!

The roar around the City Ground when Cheltenham struck home, was one of the most magnificantly loud celebrations I have ever witnessed. Pure happiness, emotions.

85 minutes gone and there wasnt one quiet person amongst the sell out crowd. Even the Yeovil fans were starting to join in being fantastic sports. Saying that, it was only a year ago they were taunting us when they knocked us out in the second leg of the playoffs!

The referee confirms it… everyone in pure elation. All that heartache, the lows. We had finally done it. After 3 long years we had finally gone back up to the Championship. Words cannot describe what Forest fans were feeling on that final whistle.

So, after all the emotion on that Saturday afternoon, all that is left to say is;

Congratulations to Nottingham Forest and all the staff, that never gave up when times got tough. Commiserations to Doncaster Rovers for narrowly missing out. Here’s to a brand new season!


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