Bookmaker’s Say

For all those who like to know what the major bookmakers are predicting, here is a list of odds that have to do with the French squad, thanks to Bwin:

  • The odds of France being outright winner of Euro 2008 have gone up to 13.00
  • France were not put as favourites to win against Holland. Bwin gave them odds of 2.85, while the Dutch got 2.45.
  • Neither are France favourites to win eternal rivals Italy, as they were given odds of 2.90, compared to Italy’s 2.40.
  • France are second-favourites to qualify from Group C, with odds of 1.80, after Holland at 1.12.
  • The odds of the couple Holland&France qualifying from the Group of Death are 2.25.
  • Benzema, Henry and Anelka have all been given odds of 8.00 to score 2 or more goals against the Dutch.
  • The same players have been given odds of 34.00 to score more than 3 goals against Holland.
  • They were also given odds of 6.00 to score the first goal of the match.

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