Blip or Reality?

After the 5-0 humiliation against Wigan,Tiger fans are fearing the worst for the rest of the Premier league campaign.


Many had predicted the Tigers to go down without a fight, todays result would back-up that theory after Phil Browns men ended there 2 game unbeaten run in the Premier League.


If this game is the story of there Premier league campaign, Pundits, Fans and Players will wonder were Tigers next point will come from.


But maybe today was just simply a bad day at the office for City, After the defencive heroics from The Tigers last weekend, Hull City will know that they’ve got the potential quality at the back to become a force in the top-flight.


After being brought down to earth by Premiership minnows Wigan they must now put that defeat behind them if they are stay as a Premiership team.


And now that City have made a 7 Million pound bid for rookie Frazier Campbell, It proves that there in this for the long haul, And the money and the potential is there to be looked at seriously.


So is this just a one off game? A simple blip and things will soon get back to the way they was? or will this result define there season and those two heroic performances by City were simply “Beginners luck”?


Questions similar to these will be answered in what proves to be a vital several weeks for City, If they are to save there season.

6 Responses to “Blip or Reality?”

  1. Tom Sawyer Says:

    I can’t believe a Hull fan, after 1 win and a draw, has the nerve to call Wigan minnows!….

  2. joecoops Says:

    Well you are, You get 18 000 a a game, And to be honest you’ve been in the relegation fight for the last two seasons, Dont get me wrong City are minnows aswell,But Hull are a bigger club than Wigan in general.

  3. footyjourno93 Says:

    I think it was just a bad day at the office for Hull. Hull weren’t really bad, it’s just wigan played really well. Hull have just got to keep picking up points and defending well, if they do that, I think they will survive. To be honest, I think West Brom, Bolton and Fulham will go down.

  4. joecoops Says:

    I wonder if a team has ever got beaten 5-0 and had more possesion than there opposition, Crazy! Wigan only had 5 chances, I think the scoreline didn’t really fit the performance, All credit to Wigan though they took there chances.

  5. Tom Sawyer Says:

    Not a Wigan fan at all just found it amazing how Hull can compare themselves to Wigan after 3 Premier League matches, they shown why they are a Premiership team and Hull aren’t by finishing every chance they had.

  6. joecoops Says:

    What? what gave you that impression, I just called Wigan minnows because in the Premier league they may be end up in the relegation scrap.So to lose by them 5-0 is a concern,Lets leave it at that

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