Adriano Fails to Return to Inter

Brazilian striker Adriano has never had any trouble on the pitch, however the his life off the field leaves a lot to be desired. And now he has failed to return not only to Inter training, but also to the country, following his stint as an un-used substitute in Brazil’s World Cup Qualifier against Peru.

Adriano and Ronaldo…… or maybe Adriano present and Adriano future

Massimo Moratti’s problem has always been taming the tubby striker’s personal life, so that he can properly express himself, the one place he always belongs, on the football pitch. Various managers have attempted to change the man, and Jose Mourinho looked like he could be the one, although now the situation is worse than ever.

Adriano was with the national squad mid-week, however he failed to board Friday’s plane which was booked for the players. Reports suggest he is not answering his phone, and rumours are doing the rounds amid speculation that the striker could be one in a string of professional footballers to be targeted by kidnappers. Although, if it was any other player in the Nezzuri squad, those reports would be taken with your average pinch of salt, rather than a table-spoon.

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  1. Renato Siviero dos Santos Says:

    Brazilian press created a series of speculations.

    The first one is that Adriano would have gone to a “favela” in Rio de Janeiro (where he spent his childhood) and was shot by the police, which was searching for drug dealers.

    The second one is that Adriano didn’t return to Italy to force Internazionale board to break up his contract so he could play for Milan next season.

    Adriano’s agent, Gilmar Rinaldi, gave an interview to Comes Rímoli, which can be read here:

    The agent said that Adriano is not dead and didn’t went back to Italy because he is in Rio dealing with personal problems in his family. The agent didn’t said what problem is, but said that Inter’s board knows about Adriano and his problem.

    The agent does not know when Adriano will return to Italy.

  2. Luka Modric Says:

    Thanks for that, the English press don’t always get the whole story. Apparently he has been going to watch Brazilian matches: tribalfootball say,
    Inter Milan striker Adriano is refusing to report back to Italy.

    Adriano has finally made contact with agent Gilmar Rinaldi, who confessed this week he had no idea why the player had not caught the flight back from international duty.

    Many reports have circulated in Brazil over the weekend as to his whereabouts and plans, including a theory he would return to Italy on Monday.

    “No, he won’t be coming back to Italy tomorrow,” explained Rinaldi on Globo TV.

    The agent also quashed reports Adriano had been kidnapped, attempted suicide or was found in a party in the slums where he grew up.

    “These people are crazy, absolutely none of that is true. Adriano is at his home in Rio with his family and will go to see some local games.

    “In particular he wants to be there for the Flamengo-Fluminense derby. I even heard stories that I was in Rio right now in a police station waiting for Adriano to be interrogated, but I’m in San Paolo!”

  3. Renato Siviero dos Santos Says:

    The new news about Adriano is that his manager, Gilmar Rinaldi, wants to send him to a rehab clinic, to treat his alcohool problems.

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