Adebayor- passion or stupidity

International break finally all over; with no football for two weeks we were all jumping for joy when 3pm arrived on a sunny Saturday afternoon.. This article is all about the hot topic of the weekend, Emanuele Adebayor, and Arsenal




And so the fans chants go on for the Tongolose striker. Well they did until the events of this summer, Adeboyor left, went for the money at City, and then came the game against his old team, against the manager who made him what he is, against the team that gave him an opportunity when no one else was asking and against fans who sang his name with all their might.


Two moments marred the game on Saturday. Firstly the stamp on Van Persie. Disgusting. What else can one say, a nasty horrific premeditated moment.  Unnecessary and he deserves a ban. But why are we all forgetting Van Persie’s lunge? Two footed, should have been straight red.


Second point- the celebration. Oh before I carry on, what about Adebayor’s little moment by the left flank, were he must have gone past 6-7 arsenal players, with so much class and skill, almost like a young Thierry Henry….( I bet that hurts Arsenal fans). And so the celebration.  A counter attack with great speed, and who is at the end of the ball to knock it in?  The celebration was stupid but brilliant. Since he left Arsenal he has been slated, booed, criticised constantly, none more so than on Saturday were he was taunted throughout. So can we really blame him for the way he celebrated after all this? Let’s not forget Arsenal received £25 million for him, a huge profit from the £8 million they paid for him. It wasn’t as if he walked out on them after he saw his contract through. And his celebration…do arsenal fans have short memories, or do they have vision similar to Mr’ I did not see it’ Wenger, when Thierry Henry did the same thing to the Spurs fans during the North London derby, or when Ian Wright did a lap of honour at the Lane. Ok he ran more for the celebration than he did for the whole game and I appreciate it insights fan trouble, and after the recent West Ham- Milwall clash it is the last thing football needs. However, that doesn’t explain the horrific reaction of the Arsenal fans which left one steward unconscious. Are we going to ban celebrations in football because fans can’t take it, because it gets to them? I believe if fans are prepared to dish it out, then they have to be prepared to take the flack when it is directed towards them. Football is about passion, emotion, rivalry, excitement; Adebayors celebration typified all these qualities.


When Uefa resinded the ban on Eduardo, they bottled out of a huge decision. Cheating or simulating the referee has caused the game of football, so pure in its form to become tainted. Banning players for 3-4 games is the only way that teams will make sure there players do not dive. Lets be honest- managers want there players to do anything for victory, lets not be naive about that. Eduardo did dive, he won a penalty which changed the game, and Arsenal then went on to win comfortably. Celtic have to pay the price for being knocked out of the Champ league, Eduardo should be banned for 5 games to teach a lesson to him and all those that play after him, cheating in football will not be tolerated.

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  1. Wong is Gunner Says:

    Who is cheater now? Liverpool or Eduardo?

    Get your facts straight, Adebayor was lazy and lost the support of the fans long before he left. Henry never played for Spur so that’s the different.

    We sold Adebayor and you sold Alonso. Look at the table now hahaha!

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