Is it too soon for Rafa to get the chop?

I fully agree that Benitez needs to go… But not yet! All the people asking for the managers head are claiming they think it will be in the best interest of the club, but will it? The answer is no!

At the moment if Rafa was to be sacked, regardless of the cost for getting rid it would put the club even deeper in crisis and I will explain why. First off all if Rafa goes, who will replace him?

A club which has no confidence, no money to spend, a boardroom which is ever changing and possibly the most hated owners in world football! With all these factors does anybody truely belive we can attract a manager of real class? Someone who can achive greater things than Benitez has?

Let’s not forget that six months ago he was the man to bring the Premier League crown back to Anfield! This term has been an absolute nightmare and maybe a change in management is the answer however if it is done midway through the season the club will have to not only try and find a new manager, who will be better than Rafa but also keep up a genuine fight for 4th spot while finding a replacement!

I personally think we should wait until end of season to decide if we need a new man in charge and act accordingly when we have the time to do so. However that is just my opinion and I would be interested to see what other you all think?

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  1. Ritesh Says:

    Debatable point, but in some way, i have to agree with you. Who can replace benitez in such moment of crisis? Who would want to steer this already sinking ship?
    Let’s hope the team can at least get the 4th spot.

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