Money, money, money-Was Barry right?

Rafa Benitez’s comments regarding Gareth Barry and the circus surrounding Eastland’s created a stir this week. Benitez was far from impressed after Barry completed his move to Man City, despite Liverpool’s well known pursuit for him last year. Barry reasoned his desire for Champions league football for his move from a club where he was a hero for the past 12 years. Although the cynics among us, including Mr ‘these are the facts’ Benitez, can look to his 5 figure salary that he was offered as a possible reason.

Is that unfair on Barry? A respected individual within the game of football, a player who was a modern day legend at the Villa. You would think he is a player who puts football first, a player who money doesn’t mean much to. But did Barry let himself down, and the thousands that supported him over the past 12 years when he moved to the riches of City, for ‘a new challenge’.

At Liverpool he could of had Champions league football; which would have provided him with opportunities and experiences that will improve his ability as a player. He would have played in front of an highly demanding crowd which would have further improved these. Benitez’s level of pursuit in him last year shows how much he thought of him, which at the end came to the demise of his relationship with Xabi Alonso.

He had already broken in the England team, and what better to cement his place by linking up with his international colleague, Steven Gerrard at club level. The understanding those two would have developed would have helped at the World Cup.

It is this desire for money that fans, hit by the current economic crisis, have huge anger towards. Selling Barry a year later cost Aston Villa 6 million pounds by rejecting Liverpool’s £18 million bid last summer (a year later they remained 6th, with only 2 more points), and keeping a player who didn’t want to be there. When Barry left he received a golden handshake of 2 million pounds in loyalty bonuses (maybe that is why he was reluctant to hand in a transfer request last summer), and signed a £130,000 a week contract with City.

So was Man City a better move than Liverpool? Barry’s camp will say that leading up to the World Cup it is crucial that he plays regularly, at Liverpool he wasn’t guaranteed that. Also, is the challenge of taking Manchester City into the Champion’s League more than trying to take Liverpool to the Premier league title? It is exciting times at Eastlands, but with their constant inability to attract major players, how easy would it be to take them the next step up? How long will it be before Man city take over one of the big four? 2-3 years? By then Barry will be into his 30’s, and past his best, and probably transfer listed, his position taken up by the latest hotshot who will probably be attracted by half a million pounds a week contract( Such is the ridiculous going on’s in football at the moment). So Barry may actually never play in the Champions League…..

I guess the attraction for playing at Liverpool, cheered by the Kop, the special European nights, the glorious history; the ambitious future wasn’t worth 40,000 less in wages a week.

My annoyance isn’t that he said no to Liverpool. My frustration is directed towards the hideous changes in the game of football, where players no longer move for ‘football reasons’. Ok, money is important in life, but is there really a difference between 90,000 a week or 130,000 a week? Some would argue just to walk past that historic trophy cabinet everyday is worth 40,000 a week; mind you it takes a week to walk around. Maybe there was another reason, he realised he didn’t have the bottle to face the huge expectations expected at Liverpool, maybe he was scared of being another Robbie Keane, so perhaps he has to commended for being honest to himself.

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  1. dave Says:

    Barry has made himself look like an idiot, oh for the days when players were proud to wear the club shirt, loyal and wanted to win trophies more than earn money.

  2. Rejcted by Barry also Says:

    Agreed terry! it isnt nice to take on bewildering sights of 250k weekly salaries and watch football players move around in quest of cash as opposed to pursuit of happyness (with a y).

    Bit reluctant myself to accept it, but why is it so hard to believe? money does make the world go round after all… but maybe as devils advocate… Barry would suit a role at Eastlands rather than liverpool… where would he fit at anfield? he surely would not have replaced alonso… and even if he did… that wouldnt have pleased him sitting back that much… if u stuck him out wide it could have hampered your strentgh on the wing… he isnt the most natural player going forwards out there n often looks lost.

    Maybe he did go for money, but maybe he realised that despite having one of their best seasons of recent times, Villa were never going to achieve a top four spot… Maybe he was up for challenging the top 4 and this year my moneys on city to be the team to do that… i wouldnt jump to the conclusion of money but the excitement of playing in a team moving forward in strides is alot for ambitious players in barrys position to refuse…

    Given, Bridge, Micah, Terry, Kompany… Zabaleta holding… Ireland n Barry… Tevez and Rob… Santa up top…

    squad list im sure gives them a bench…

    Gwon city, knock utd outta the top 4 :D:D:D:D:D:D

  3. hitzltrov_1219 Says:

    It’s a rare occasion that I find myself agreeing with Rafa Benitez but it does seem a bizzare decision by Barry to choose City over Liverpool.
    His performances for Villa last season were below standard in comparison to previous years and I think it was inevitable that he would leave.
    As much as I hated the thought of him moving to the Scousers, and although 12 years at the club has more or less earned him the right to take up a new challenge, on paper playing at Anfield would surely benefit him a lot more than playing for City. Time will tell but yeah I agree that the money was a rather large factor…

  4. The Binocular Says:

    Barry’s move isn’t just about money, although it plays a big part.

    The long term prospects are massive for Manchester City.

  5. Naveed Says:

    Rafa is just pissed that Barry made him look like a fool, by making such a public chase of him, and then Barry rejecting him. Anger is just what drove these comments. If you analyse the move carefully, then the prospect of a move to Man City is very attractive, even if you take away the financial side of it. Alonso and Mascherano is far too much competition for a player like Barry, who is looking to play world cup football at the end of the year. And then Man City are almost certain to break into the champions league, and longer term in the next 4 years, by which barry will only be 32, are almost certainly a better bet than liverpool. Man City have a support which easily rivals the Kop. I bet if liverpool were relegated to league one they wouldnt get a crowd of 30 000 a week. Barrys reasons are for football, get over yourself scousers!

  6. Terry Says:

    WHHAAT t f? Man City have a uspport to rival Liverpool? How do you come that conclusiion? We have a world fan base in the top 3 clubs in the world, in England, we would fill Anfield 3 times over.

    You, like most other supporters of failure clubs are jmping on the Man City Bandwaggon to find a way to dislodge the Big four. The fact remains that with a few signings, they wont win anything.

    And in four years time, Man City wont have a chieved !% of what Liverpool have.

    Barry was all for the money, he was full of fear to play alongisde the best against the best, just like a certain Robbie Keane

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