Open letters to Rafa, add yours here

Dear Rafa,

Why have you taken every bit of joy away, I used to enjoy watching Liverpool, even when we didn’t win anything, I would watch our ups and downs but always get enjoyment and always held a quiet remnant of hope for the future. But you Sir have taken it all away, you now manage (if that’s what you call it) the dullest, least footballing and most worryingly least Liverpool like non-football team I have seen in my 34 years as a fan.

You have built a team of no-hopers, you actually have done the opposite of building and demolished what little we had left, please just go and take the Americans with you.

Keith 34
Limerick, Ireland

One Response to “Open letters to Rafa, add yours here”

  1. Paul Jeffrey Says:

    Not sure about Kieths views but Rafa is too careful

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