Reasons to not be happy at Liverpool

Pre- season has not been good to cheer up the hearts of the Anfield faithful. After yet another loss to Spanish opposition, this time a 2-1 defeat at the hands of Athletico Madrid, all is not too well in the Mersey.


So far pre-season looks like this: played 5, won 2, drawn 1, lost 2. Although winning breeds confidence, they say results don’t matter, its about performances apparently. If I saw one then I would feel reassured, if I saw the team gel, if I knew how we would play with Johnson- at right back, left back, or in the hole? If only Alonso was still here (Alonso’s loss is huge, possibly enough to pull Liverpool out of the championship race. The team’s record without him in the side is frightening) If only Lucas could step up to fill Alonso’s boots….. If only we had confidence to know that Alonso’s replacement Aquilani wouldn’t be a £20 million flop with his injury record (How can you pass a medical if you’re out for 2 months?).


Are Liverpool expecting too much from Aquilani? Italian players have hardly been a big hit in the premiership, the physical ability of the English game will probably mean he would be bullied to the ground. If he is out for 2 months, and it takes him 2 months to get used to playing in the team and the style of the league, then that leaves us to December and the title race could all be over.


Teams are built from the back (sorry Man City/Mark Hughes) but there are only 3 centre backs at the club after Sami Hypia said goodbye. Both Skrtel and Agger are out injured; have had little time to get back into form before it all kicks off again and worse still Carra limped off in the defeat to Athletico Madrid.


My biggest question for this season is whether Torres will remain fit. He has had a summer of football with the Confederations Cup, and after his injury plagued season last year, are being naive to think that he will last the season without a further injury? And so what if Torres gets injured? Are Voronin and Ngog good enough to step in? The answer is NO. No chance. They both are light years away from Torres. Without another quality striker, Liverpool’s attack looks impotent if either Torres or Gerard, who has had his fair share of injuries, gets injured.


Will Babel be another miss this season? Will Kuyt start scoring? Is Insua good enough to be Left back? Will Reira finally show me why Benitez and the Spanish national team coach have faith in him? Will Benayoun show the same level of consistency?


So many questions, yet so few answers. With only a week left before Liverpool travel down to White Hart lane for their premiership opener, you can see why the Anfield devotees seem bemused by the goings on at the club. 19 years and waiting, last time Liverpool won the league title back in 1990, Cliff Richard was Christmas number one with Saviours day, it will definitely be that come May 19th if Liverpool lift the Premiership.




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  1. Basil Bakpa Says:

    Benitez must go now. That Man has had five years, 67 players and still only has two match winners in his team. The style which his teams play have been too predicable this season. He lacks variation in his thinking. He has run out of ideas mainly because he failed to buy enough creative players

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