Barca Shine, Ronaldo whines

moved to the View From the Stands blog: Barca Shine, Ronaldo whines

11 Responses to “Barca Shine, Ronaldo whines”

  1. Steven Goran Eriksson Says:

    Why have you put this on the City board - get it sorted out.

  2. dhoward87 Says:

    Im new to the site and thought it posted in a general forum. Really, what is your problem?

  3. Tom Says:

    Maybe because it is written from a City fan’s perspective?

  4. dhoward87 Says:

    Thanks Tom, nice to see not everybody here takes it waaaaay to seriously

  5. Matt Jones Says:

    I don’t get this? In a Manchester City blog? Hmm…i prefer the other writer ‘Steven Goran Eriksson’

  6. dhoward87 Says:

    like i said matt it was uploaded here by mistake, ive never used the site before and presumed it would upload to a general blog

  7. Matt Jones Says:

    Sorryyyyyy, i wasn’t having a go, i just prefer the other writing style which is usually on here.

    This is very informative, whereas i prefer the relaxed style which has a touch of humour associated with it.

  8. admin Says:

    There is room for everyone and all styles. You might even learn something from each other to improve your writing. I have moved this article to the View From the Stands blog where it is better suited.

  9. dhoward87 Says:

    thanks admin i’ll make sure to post in the correct blog in future

  10. Matt Jones Says:

    Thanks admin also, ddi you get my email about that abuser admin?

  11. admin Says:

    yes Matt I sent you a reply, did you get it? I am dealing with it, should be sorted

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