Manchester City ‘vs’ Hamburg PLAYER RATINGS

Manchester City were eyeing a repeat of the performance against FC Schalke in the UEFA Cup to try and get that away goal needed, and hopefully a win against Hamburg.

Stephen Ireland 


Shay Given (left) and Stephen Ireland show their disappointment after Hamburg's third as Man City are beaten 3-1 by the German side

Shay Given (GK) - He is an absolute saviour! They could have gone into double figures if it was not for this man inbetween the sticks? He had an absolute blinder. His reflexes kept City in the game from a very early stage, immediately after we had scored inside 30 seconds. His handling was sublime, his kicking (dare I say it) was much improved and I am now beginning to see why we paid so much money for him. Joe Hart must be devastated seeing him making these remarkable stops. Not a chance he will get back in the team.  Could do nothing about any of the goals, it was the defenders in front of him who were shocking. 9.5

Micah Richards (RB) - Hamburg targetting Micah as the weak link in the City team and often tried to press down their left hand side in order to create an opening. He was always on the backfoot and didn’t cope too well, often letting balls come into the box, or the man to easily get around him. He pushed up far too much in this game when he needed to settle down and calm himself down. He gave the ball away far too easily in their half and didn’t look interested in trying to get back and help, hence why we conceded the third goal? Reckless play for the penalty too, although I have to back him up and say it was just instincts, just a shame the ball was going a mile over the bar. Abysmal player. 4.5

Richard Dunne (CB) - Dunne looked very shaky in this game, his nerves were obviously all over the place. His heading remained strong but his tackling was mis-judged, leading to them going clean through and the decisions he took were often rash. Not the figure we have been used to in recent games, not on top of his game, he didn’t know where to run, who to tackle. Bit of a shocker… 4.5

Nedum Onouha (CB) - Unfortunately everyone will criticise Nedum for their goal, but he just slipped. His positional sense throughout the game looked dodgy and he looked slower than usual. Again when Dunne has a bad game, everyone tends to and this reflected in Onouha’s weak performance today. I’m very dissapointed, he didn’t stand up to his man, let his man get past him too easily and offered no resistance what so ever. We might as well ahve played with a statue just on the edge of our box. 4.5

Wayne Bridge (LB) - His face was a picture that shouted…’Callous, calculating cruelty’. Didn’t look physically fit enough but he did seem bothered about the cause and had menace about him. His tackles were well timed, most to perfection and his communication was very sound. BUT HE WAS CARRYING AN INJURY AGAIN?! So we had to WASTE another substitution? What’s the point? Tell the gaffer if you don’t think you can play 90 minutes of competative football? Sell him or call for a firing squad to be arranged for 7 of the 11 players…absolute waste of money. 3

SWP (CM) - Again another player who looked DEAD. Appauling performance by SWP tonight, i’m regretting putting him in my top ten of all time. Playing CM he didn’t do much running, when he did it was straight into a defender and he gave the ball away countless times when a simple ball was needed to keep possession. Taken off at the end, unfortunately Sparky was not brave enough to slap him on the spot. Very weak performance and should have his wages taken away from him. He could’nt give a toss tonight.- 5

Stephen Ireland (CM) - One player who actually offered any resistance and battled to the end. Took his goal extremely well inside 30 seconds and looked instrumental in all of our build up play. The whole of the midfield focuses on his performance. Every ball goes through him and he played some magnificent through balls early on in the game and he kept hold of possession instead of giving it away. At times during the second period his tackling became wild and he lost passion as soon as the third goal went in, but who can blame him, the team around him were dreadful tonight. Well played Superman, one of only 4 players who tried. 7.5

Man City's Stephen Ireland shows his delight at his opener against Hamburg

Pablo Zabaleta (CM) - I must say, again he had passion within him, he was fighting for this trophy and he always gave 100%. i really think he should be captain of this football club. He always plays clever balls which link the play up well and he sits infront on the back four nicely and did his job pretty well. His heart is worn on his sleeve and he never stops running and trying to break down the opposition. Numerous times when Richards lost the ball in their half, he was the one running back and fighting for possession. Good game, again, let down by his teammates. 7.5

Craig Bellamy (RM) - Criag is a very committed player who plays a clever game by getting his defender wound up. He is the final player who played with some heart tonight. This was shown through sheer frustration when he failed to win the ball or a freekick. He was lively for the whole game, offering some good runs down the channels but the service from the lacklustre midfield was just not there. Top notch effort though. Unfortunately his efforts produced the reoccurance of that niggling knee injury, shame. 7.5

Robinho (LM) - Back to his dire worst. In the first minute he was bloody brilliant, making a superb run, skipping past two defenders and laying an inch perfect ball to Superman. After that he was bloody awful and hardly touched the ball. Far too lightweight, shrugged off the ball with ease.  4.5

Daniel Sturridge (ST) - Not much to report on from this lad, tried his best, but coming back from injury it was always going to be tough against a physical Hamburg side. 6

Referee - Few incorrect decisions against MCFC but overall a sound job…8

Manager (Mark Hughes) - Can’t be blamed, his players didn’t want the victory enough…a lot to do to motivate his players for the second leg next week. VERY dissapointing.


Sums it up really…

Subs -

Benjani (ST) - Apart from committing a few fouls…he did nothing. Poor and hobbled off with an injury so we ended the game with ten men…disgraceful.

Javier Garrido (LB) - Gave the ball away too often and looked lazy. Almost scored a cracker of an own goal due to an irrational thought. Often hesitates and rushes into things. Needs to clear his heas, but not much can be expected from someone playing so little.

Gelson Fernandes (CM) - Touched the ball a few times…that’s about it. Offered nothing more than SWP did who was injured?


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Micah Richards, Richard Dunne, Nedum Onouha, Wayne Bridge, SWP, Robinho, Danny Sturridge, Gelson Fernandes, Javier Garrido and Benjani…have i missed anyone out?

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  1. kerrybhoy Says:

    Why in the name of God would Thierry Henry want to leave Barca to join this shower ?

  2. bluemoon Says:

    I thought that we were fantastic, second to none, our performance was precision at its finest, enthusiastic, supreme and deadly accurate……….. Then we scored.

    I feel sorry for given, he was superb but the back 4 was quite poor. I did think that Dunny had an alrite game, better than 4.5 I feel. Richards was bloody awful, he let Olic and Petric past him far too many times and what the hell was he doing playing goalkeeper on the penalty spot. Idiot!
    Bridge is a waste of space fully fit, never mind injured.
    Gelson….. is Gelson - I need say no more.
    Onouha put in some tremendous tackles yet, as Richards, let the iches through way too much.
    Robinho…. was he on the pitch in the 2nd half?
    Bellamy had a very good game, his effort was second to none but, as you said, there was no service form the middle of the park.
    Ireland… SUPERMAN
    We got an away goal (yehhh, we scored away form home!!) but they were far better than us and I don’t think that we are going any further in this competition.

    With this result (not that I agree) the axe has started to be sharpened and Sparky’s head is on the block.

    Did you go?

  3. Renato Siviero dos Santos Says:

    The news in Brazil is that Ronaldinho Gaúcho may join City in summer.

  4. bluemoon Says:

    Back to SWP, yes he was injured.

    I feel that he is one of the top 10, of all time and I don’t see why you regret.

    He made some fabulous clearances off the line and shouldn’t be at blame for their 1st which I can see coming. He, maybe should have stayed on the post but, trying to clear a certain goal if given had’ve left it. As ITV said, if we had a keeper with less quality, they wouldn’t have scored them as the keeper wouldn’t have gone for/got to it.

  5. Steven Goran Erikkson Says:

    Well done Matt for the promptness of getting this up.

    As I explained, I couldn’t watch the game, but have recorded it, and am now in doubt as to whether I should watch it!! Sounds as if we were dire, especially Robinho.

    Love Ricky’s first sentence of his first comment.

  6. bluemoon Says:

    I aim to please.

  7. Steven Goran Erikkson Says:


    Me - 4
    Matt - 4
    Plattsy - 2
    Dan - 6

  8. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Bellamy you’re not bad either ;). Says:

    Thanks for all the comments, Steven, what are the scores on the doors? I am surely in last place now? I’ve had 2 terrible games!

  9. bluemoon Says:

    Injury news, SWP has an ankle problem while Bellamy also picked up a knee niggle.

  10. Steven Goran Erikkson Says:

    Bellamy out for at least 2 games, possibly the season.


    Me - 93
    Matt - 72 (you got only 2 points for this game, not 4 as I said earlier)
    Plattsy - 81
    Dan - 74

  11. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Bellamy you’re not bad either ;) Says:

    I wondered why you put 4! I went for a draw!

    Oh dear, im having an absolute nightmare here, fallen from 2nd!

    Few games left though, it’s chilled, i only need a correct score when no-one else gets it, might have to follow you!

    Benjani suffered a recurrence of a ruptured thigh muscle too, not good, espec Bellamy, he has been outstanding. Bring on Ched Evans!

  12. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Bellamy you’re not bad either ;) Says:

    Also, what’s with Ireland’s tattoo on his back?

  13. Steven Goran Erikkson Says:

    Ched didn’t travel/play because of a family funeral.

  14. Steven Goran Erikkson Says:

    P.S. Not impressed with your lack of honesty at being given extra points. I might deduct a couple for that act of trying to cheat

  15. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Bellamy you’re not bad either ;) Says:

    Sorry, i thought i had gone for Ireland, so thought it could have been correct!

  16. Steven Goran Erikkson Says:

    Matt, I wil post the review of this game either tonight or tomorrow morning, and the Fulham preview on Saturday night. Can you do the Fulham player ratings on Sunday afternoon/night please, and then i will do the review at some point on Monday. Thanks

  17. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Bellamy you’re not bad either ;) Says:

    I will try yes, should be fine!

  18. Steven Goran Erikkson Says:

    Matt, and anyone else who is reading this,

    The review of this match will be up at exactly 7.30, so check back then

  19. bluemoon Says:

    i will be utterly disappointed if it is a second later

  20. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Bellamy you’re not bad either ;) Says:

    Steven, it’s late…

  21. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Bellamy you’re not bad either ;) Says:

    Ricky, you disappointed? Where’s this committment?

  22. Steven Goran Erikkson Says:

    Aaarrggggghhhh!!!!!!!! Not my fault, blame it on technology. I will sort it our later.

  23. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Bellamy you’re not bad either ;) Says:

    Why dont you just press publish?!

  24. bluemoon Says:

    sorry, been asleep, very disappointed, first missing the game due to a religion of less importance than Cityism now this. What next?

    Anyone going next week?

    On a non-city note, if anyone (rugby fan or otherwise) wants to have a butchers at my new Sale Sharks blog are welcome.

  25. I*T*P*L Says:

    I watched the game and really enjoyed it, it was a good open affair. I think you’re being a little harsh on a few of your players, as a team I think you were worth more than the average mark you have given.

    Is that Ireland with the tattoo? That is absolutely horrible!

  26. I*T*P*L Says:

    Also, once again, I don’t think Given was as good as everyone has made out. He made some good saves, but none which you would have expected him to let in.

  27. bluemoon Says:

    77 minutes late and counting…..

  28. Steven Goran Erikkson Says:


  29. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Bellamy you’re not bad either ;) Says:

    Thanks VJ, much appreciated, I thought no-one turned up for the game and I was disappointed as I expected them to go out and fight. In my opinion we were very poor, especially the defence. It’s just Given’s reactions which amazed me!

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