Possible New MCFC Kit?

As you can see MCFC’s new owners are clearly looking to boost the clubs international presitge by getting Adidas to sponser the club.

What do you think?

My personal opinion is that the home kit looks incredible…no doubt expensive though!

I also love the collar on the away shirt, brings back the retro look, by far the best I’ve seen since last season’s 3rd Kit (see below)

Great kit, shame the same can’t be said about the player…

Best strip by FAR in my lifetime!


19 Responses to “Possible New MCFC Kit?”

  1. Maurice Says:

    Afraid its already a done deal with Umbro.

    The adidas kits do look good though

  2. Steven Goran Erikkson Says:

    Looks a very nice kit, although the away one reminds me way too much of AC Mila. Maybe that’s our plan to get Kaká?!?!?!?!?

  3. davo Says:

    Yeah done deal with Umbro by the looks of things.The comment about Mpenza under is picture is totally uncalled for, he scored goals that kept us up.

  4. Falastur Says:

    The away strip looks like AC Milan’s because it IS AC Milan’s It originates from 1968 and Malcolm Allison’s tenure as manager. City were playing in Europe and Milan were the big club of Europe then - he thought that if we emulated their kit we would have success in our competitions. And to be fair to him, in the next four seasons, we won the UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup, the Charity Shield twice, lost the final of the Anglo-Italian Cup, reached another Cup Winner’s Cup semi-final…

  5. Steven Goran Erikkson Says:

    Matt, have you done ex 4 from Byrne’s homework - I’m really struggling?!?!?

  6. P-TOWZ Says:

    I love the design of both shirts, but i do believe these to be fakes, the sponsership contract with thomas cook has ran out and not being renewed so this wont be on next seasons shirts anyway. Out of curiosity, how do we know its defo gonna be umbro??? Thought we might have a more popular worldwide known name to make our kits than them??

  7. Falastur Says:


    Here’s that - probably fake - new shirt. Looks alright, but the real giveaway is how badly-aligned the City badge and umbro logo are with each other.

  8. Grimesy Says:

    The away one is indeed the AC Milan shirt and the home kit is Marseilles away shirt. I would have loved us to go with Adidas but apparently the Umbro deal is a done thing!

  9. Dave Says:

    If you look at other Umbro shirts, for example like Shamrock Rovers’ new kit, you will see the logo is higher than the badge.


  10. Jarrad Liam Says:

    While the kits are not relevant, I think the Mpenza comment is the best part about it, I certainly got a chuckle out of it. So far, article of the day in my book.

  11. DP Says:

    Deal done with Umbro and we will be on the same template as the England kit (and the Sweden Kit) you would think.

  12. Dave Clough Says:

    The new shirt was leaked onto the net a coupel of weeks ago. It’s by Umbro and the new shirt sponser is ‘Ethiad’

  13. steven irelands grandma Says:

    i think we should ditch wearing shirts and paint em on with body paint, espiecially our womens team, we could have a differant design every week. just get some top class artist in like rolf harris to paint em up a couple of hours before the match and then set him up in a little booth outside the ground so the fans can be just like their idols for a small fee, or a large fee if you happen to be a fat knacker who’ll use 3 lots of paint more than joe normal. umbro for me folks, we had umbro for years and my favorite kit was the one we worn for the maine road massacre and the purple away one, ah the memories!

  14. I*T*P*L Says:

    Those are obviously fakes Matt, the home one is a Marseille one and the away one is clearly AC Milan. The photoshopping around the sponsors is very obvious. I agree they look nice, though the blue on the home one is too dark for you I think. I remember about two years ago I asked Stanno to name the top three players in the world. He put Mpenza in there!

  15. blueloon Says:

    Oh, I wish.

    But we’ll get Umbro, with that horrible shoulder thing.

    Well researched.

  16. CHED EVANS I LOVE YOU! Bellamy You’re Not Bad Either ;) Says:

    Sorry for the article, seems to look like I have got the wrong kits here.


  17. Gary Says:

    Heven help us if it lookes anything like englands new kit…!!!

  18. Stevo Says:

    Lovin’ stephen ireland’s grandma’s idea re: the lasses team. The above Adidas kits are blatantly a load of codswallop. Let’s wait and see what the new Umbro top really looks like.

  19. Faceman Says:

    Fools! It’s not even Umbro, thats just a nasty rumour. Sorry lads but I work at the citystore with the missus and I don’t think anyone will be digging the actual new kit manufacturer. I’ts ‘orrible. It begins with P and rhymes with hat-trick….sad but true I’m afraid.

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