The ‘Stephen (Superman) Ireland’ Story!

This is a little article about the outstanding achievements of one young City player this season and the reasons why the new contract negotiations are just.

Stephen Ireland is reportedly close to agreeing a new contract at Manchester City and this is the least he deserves for virtually cementing his place within the City revolution. The news is doubly significant when you take into account the financial backing the club has. 

The point is that City could easily have gone and bought someone to come in and take Ireland’s place in the side. However, through his performances this season he has earned himself a new contract and will quite rightly be named the club’s player of the season. 

Ireland also seems to be a member of the Michael Ballack club in the respect that you never read about him in the media unless it is about a blinding performance, or through something he says. He seems to have shaped up to his responsibilities as a role model and everything seems to be working out for the young man. 

City boss, Mark Hughes said in The Times: “We are very close with Stephen. We had good discussions with him last week and there is intent on both sides. We want Stephen to be here for a considerable length of time and he has come out himself and said he wants to spend most of his career here, which was very heartening from our point of view.” 

“As long as there are no hiccups, and I don’t anticipate there will be, it will get done very quickly. Stephen is young and has real drive and determination in his play. Stephen wants to be the best he can and he wants to be successful.” 

Ireland would probably admit himself that he did not expect to be the player that everyone was talking about when the season was close to ending and he has now guaranteed that he will be a regular player among a number of starts in City’s team next year. 

The complications he has had with international football may have helped him in the respect that he can now focus fully on City and making himself a better player. The virtues that his contract are likely to offer have all been worked for and are well deserved. 

He has given everything for Mark Hughes and solved a headache for a manager whose future has been in constant jeopardy due to the new pressures that have arrived at Eastlands. He is now set to become one the club’s greatest ever players.

7 Responses to “The ‘Stephen (Superman) Ireland’ Story!”

  1. I*T*P*L Says:

    That’s a good little read Matt, I especially like the quoting in green.

    He’s no doubt been a huge player in your charge to tenth place this season Really though, he has been excellent and deserves all the recogition for his performances on the pitch he can get.

    Off the pitch I’m not sure though. When read that Paul Scholes comment it didn’t really ring true, he’s hardly a paragon of virtue, pretending his granmother had died to get out of representing his country, but I suppose everyone deserves a second chance and that was a few years ago and he’s kept his nose clean since.

    I hate that tattoo on his back though!

  2. tito Says:

    He is now set to become one the club’s greatest ever players

    after one season… fluck me, city fans are full of shit.

    He did nothing against chelsea, liverpool, united…becasue he isnt that good.

    Reminds me of steve sidwell, one season everything raving about him being the next big thing…well Ireland has to be consistant over years to be great.

    Too lighweight, not thick!

  3. ash jones Says:

    he scored against liverpool.

    but he’s different this kid, his work rate and passing are phenomenal. and he’s bagging a few too, expect him to score more next season!

  4. Steven Goran Erikkson Says:

    Very good little read Matt, and yet another bright idea for an article.

    However, I have a couple of bones to pick, not with your writing, but with your content.

    Basically, you say how Ireland is close to agreeing a new contract. However, recent reports (in the last couple of days) suggest otherwise. To quote from Superman himself,

    “We’re way off to be honest. I think I’ve done enough this year, let my football do the talking.

    “The club haven’t really made me an offer yet. If they make one, great. If not, I’ve two years left.”

    The second point I must raise is the same as VJ - about the Paul Scholes bit. Absolute balderdash!!

    He regularly comes out and criticises teammates, or makes headlines for the wrong reasons. Remember when he criticised the team for not putting in enough effort after the first leg in Hamburg? Remember when he was in the news for spending £95000 ona new car and then had it painted blue instead of raspberry?

  5. Gazinio Says:

    comment for Tito, how can you form an opionion as strong as yours from watching MOTD only, Ireland is a phenomenal talent and is easily our best player this season, yeh he had some bad games but hes had some tremendous games as well, which you probably didnt see as you were probably cracking one off over Ronaldo!

    Tito, Too simple, Too Thick!

  6. Steven Goran Erikkson Says:

    Hahahaha - cracking one off over Ronaldo

    Although, Matt, to be fair, it is a bit over the top to say he’s going ton become one of the club’s greatest ever players!

  7. Matt Jones Says:

    Thanks for all your comments;

    VJ >>>

    The quoting in green was just to make it stand out to be honest! I still hate that tattoo but the thing is, this season he has let his football do the talking (most of the time) and not his mouth. Only once has he critices his team mates which he was correct in doing.

    ‘tito’ >>

    Have a little bit of support in your players, fine I may have overestimated it, but come bakc and say that to me after next season yeah?

    ‘ash jones’ >>>

    I agree with you, lets keep put fingers crossed.

    Esteban >>>

    Sorry, I have obv got this wrong, I thought he was pretty close to signing it? The reason why they were the same is because of the fact i was trying to get the layout correct as BLOGSFC was playing with me again! The pictures were all funny, not in the centre, the text was grey and huge, so I hope you can find a place in your heart to forgive me. I tried? To be honest I didn’t mean to psot it, I meant to press save but it’s out now and I cba changing it! I still have to disagree over his comments. He had to say them, at least it got them all fired up for a terrific performance for the home leg? he was right to say what he did I think?

    ‘Gazinio’ >>>

    Brilliant comment! Thanks! You put ‘tito’ rightfully in his place!

    p.s I have edited the bit about Scholes after you all disagreed with me. I have replaced his name with Michael Ballack and added a little bit extra on the end of that sentence.

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