Top 10 EVER Manchester City Players - No. 5

This blog is designed to choose the greatest ever Manchester City player in my opinion (remember I am only young!). I shall publish one of these every now and again until finally we reach the best player ever to have embraced Maine Road or The City of Manchester Stadium!


NUMBER 5 >>>

Quinn, Niall.jpg

Niall Quinn

219 appearances, 77 goals in a 6 year spell  from 1990 - 1996:)

Niall Quinn was a player idolised by fans during a six-year spell in Manchester.

First impressions were of a tall, gangling sort of striker but supporters quickly realised he had much more to offer than his height! He had a tremendous first touch that would rival the likes of Robinho, his skill was better than Ronaldo’s, his cross-field balls better than Xabi Alonso’s, the work rate of Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard put together and a finish sharper than striker Fernando Torres could produce. In his first season, Quinn became a firm fans’ favourite, earning the Player of the Year tag during his second season. This was a thoroughly deserved award and proved that the fans appreciated his enthusiasm and passion for the clib. Despite moving to Sunderland in 1996, Niall has remained a true hero in Manchester, and as they say ‘Once a Blue, Always a Blue!’. The sight of Niall running along the touchline with more pace than SWP (with a broken leg!) remained an enduring image of his determination and love of the Blues.

One reason he remains a favourite is because he went in goal and saved a penalty from Dean Saunders in 1991! What’s more, from the resulting corner, he bowled over a few players and made a one-handed catch! Brilliant!

He arrived as a kid who couldn’t get into the Arsenal side, but left he had become a full international and a legend in the eyes of many fans. His time was a delight for the majority and he will always be remembered for his willingness to support the Blue cause, whilst his role as a target man - come keeper - provided much enjoyment.

What’s more, his disco pants now are mentioned in lots of songs still sung at CoMS which shows how much we honour this superb player.

12 Responses to “Top 10 EVER Manchester City Players - No. 5”

  1. Nicholas Boote Says:

    I quite like this, although I am not a City fan I find this quite interesting to read.

    Quinn was one of those players who was a real hassle to handle because of his determination (as you mention). it’s good to see him get the credit he deserves in this article and the disco pants song is now writen in history! I like that bit.

    I’m now pondering as to who will be lower than him, there’s one person who has to be!

  2. boringarticle Says:

    This is one of your better ones, better than usual, but mainly because you don’t say anything about Evans.

    He was the sort of player you didn;t want to mark, and for that reason I believe number 5 is a good position for him, well done.

  3. David, Manchester Says:

    Good article, your praise shines through in this article, for this terrific player. Good work!

  4. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Zabaleta I LOVE YOU :) Says:

    Hello people!

    Thanks for all your comments;

    ”Nicholas Boote” - Thanks for reading, even though you do not support MCFC. Yes, I am not giving anything away as to who is below! I love the disco pants song, it’s brill!

    ”boringarticle” - As ever you relate back to my obsession with Ched. Just leave it out and judge my srticles on the style of writing please, like you do in your comment, which is much appreciated. I’m glad you agree with the number 5 spot!

    ”David” - Think you have commented before, but thanks for reading again. Love the sharpness of your comment!


  5. Steven Goran Erikkson Says:

    I bet you’re glad you listened to my advice about not doing the person you were going to do.

    Good choice (thanks to me ), and to be fair to David, who I’m guessing is the same person as the one who tried to foo, you last time, your praise does shine through.

    I’m not happy about the timing of you releasing this blog, but overall, well done.

  6. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Zabaleta I LOVE YOU :) Says:

    Steven, I just commented on your blog asking why you have not commented yet so I’m sorry!

    Yes, I changed to disco pants himself, a worthy contender I believe, what do you think? More consisten than Superman in his City career that is for sure!

    I tried to do him justice and I am glad that you and ‘David who tried to fool me’ think I have done! Out of the 6 articles I have done on the top 10, I feel this is my best

  7. Steven Goran Erikkson Says:

    You feel every article is best ever!!

    Good choice as I said before, I bet I can guess the top 4, but I won’t say on here for fear of spoiling the fun for the others.

  8. I*T*P*L Says:

    Another goodun Matt, though my personal favourite was the Bert Trautman one. I question how much Manchester City means to Quinn though when he goes off and heads a consortium to buy Sunderland.

  9. Steven Goran Erikkson Says:

    Do you really think Quinn had the money to buy City??? Fair play to the lad, he is doing well in his business carerr.

  10. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Zabaleta I LOVE YOU :) Says:

    Steven, you know the top four, I told you!!!

    No, I feel this has been the best out of the top ten series and other than that maybe the ‘Joe Hart Should Be GIVEN A Chance’?

    VJ >>> Thanks very much, I prefer this personally but Bert was a legend too! I think it means a lot to him, he wasn’t able to ahve any power in City so he has moved on to business. I still think he cares though, without a doubt.

    Thanks for all the comments!

  11. MattJonesIsMyHero :-) Says:

    I never saw the guy play but he was a dedicated player. The penalty save was supreme. I do agree with VJ to a point that his commitment can be called into question after buying Sunderland.

  12. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Zabaleta I LOVE YOU :) Says:

    Thanks Ricky! Although he’s still a true blue I think

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