Fergie: Difficult to name Moscow squad

Alex Ferguson

Ferguson has admitted that it is extremely difficult to make a squad selection for next week’s Champions League Final against Chelsea, with the quality and ability of players that he has at his disposal. Ferguson has to choose 11 players that will start the game, and 7 other players that will sit on the bench for substitutions and in the case of injuries. Out of the 25 players submitted at the beginning of the season, that can participate in the Champions League, 7 will have to miss the Final encounter.

“The hardest part is not picking the team but leaving players out of the bench, believe me.

“We have 25 for Moscow. That means seven of them can’t even get stripped and sit on the bench. That is the hardest thing. I’ve had to do it in the past. Somebody has to make the decision.” - Sir Alex Ferguson

It is crucial that no mistakes are made in choosing the best team for Moscow, but with the experience that Sir Alex Ferguson has, no Red Devil ever doubts in the manager’s ability. Ferguson has already proven that he can lead the Red Devils to Champions League glory. And this year will be no different.

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