No7 to keep Ronaldo away from Real


The Real Madrid player that plays in the Number 7 is team captain Raul. When Beckham, Man Utd’s ex-number 7, left for Madrid, the club allocated him the number 23. David was ready to give up his number, but the good news is that Cristiano Ronaldo is NOT. Also, if you’re currently thinking…’Raul has to retire sometime in the future’…Real Madrid chairman Ramon Calderon has proposed retiring the Number 7 shirt, as a sign of gratitude to the player!

This means that Ronaldo, who said that he can’t see himself playing with anything but the No 7, may never join Real Madrid after all. His merchandise depends heavily on the CR7 brand, and Ronaldo said that his dream is to open a hotel with that name (CR7). On the other hand, Calderon insisted that Raul is untouchable and he wouldn’t have to change his number to accomodate Ronaldo. And why would the World’s Best Player have to change his number 7 to accomodate Raul and Real Madrid’s wishes???

“We do not know if he [Ronaldo] will join us. But Raul won’t have to change his number. He is untouchable.” - Ramon Calderon: the (annoying) Chairman of Real Madrid

2 Responses to “No7 to keep Ronaldo away from Real”

  1. Benhard Says:

    Is better you change raul for ronaldo, he’s the best

  2. egginaldo7 Says:

    RONALDO should get number 7 because if real want him, without asking him they should give him the number they know he will want, without him having the need to ask

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