Not interested in Euro

Man Utd and England midfielder Owen Hargreaves said that he is not interested in the next European Championship, as England should be in the competition. England failed to qualify after they lost a must-win match against Croatia last November. Although English fans are likely to watch the prestigious tournament nevertheless, supporting other teams like France and Spain, Hargreaves is still hurt by England’s elimination.

He said that he won’t be travelling to watch any Euro 2008 game, and he may not even watch the games on TV. Hargreaves will be enjoying the summer with his family, and may just watch the semi-finals and final of the tournament. He said that he would like the Man Utd teammates and other friends to do well in the competition.

“I definitely won’t be in Austria or Switzerland. And I don’t think I will enjoy watching it, apart from maybe the semi-finals and final.”

“I will keep an eye on a few team-mates and friends but I don’t think I’ll get a lot of satisfaction watching, knowing we should probably be there.” - Owen Hargreaves

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