“This Club is to big to go down”
That’s what we all wish, that our team that we support day in and day out with all our hearts, is too big to go down. Unfortunately as Newcastle hopefully won’t prove this season. No team is too big to go down.

With less then ten games left, Newcastle United is in a predicament which they really shouldn’t be in. They are in a relegation battle. The season started all to promising with almost a win against Manchester United and some solid play in the beginning of the season. Then it all collapsed with Kevin Keegan, the Geordie messiah, resigning because he was undermined. Firstly, anyone could have seen this coming once Dennis Wise was thrown in. What Mike Ashley was thinking, I have no idea but this proves that he’s not the brightest owner around. But anyways the club was then thrown in turmoil and lost a succession of games, even losing to lowly Hull ( no offense Hull fans). To make a long story short, they are now fighting for their premier league status.

They played very well recently against Man U, almost winning the game if not for a Ryan Taylor defensive mishap but could only manage a draw against Hull. This pattern seems to occur often with Newcastle. They play very well against the top teams but can sometimes barely hold their own against teams that they should and need to be beating. Hopefully they can turn it around like last year and pull off a string of wins. The return of Michael Owen, Beye, Martins, Smith and Duff should help, as should the speedy recovery of their manager (Joe Kinnear) who hopes to be back from a triple bypass surgery by April. I believe that they can turn it around and I know that me and every other Newcastle fan will be praying that they do. They’ve finally got a fit squad with no stupid distractions which should see them playing at their best , but then again unfortunately Newcastle always seem to shoot themselves in the foot.

Newcastle’s most percieved obstacle seem to be their schedule. Of all of the teams fighting to stay up, Newcastle has the seemingly toughest schedule, with games against Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool still to come. Personally, I thinkthey can at the very least come away with 4 out of 9 points. They seem to play very well against the top four and it isn’t unrealistic to think that they can beat Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. In fact, I’m more worried about when they play teams that they are fighting with for Premier League survival. Good Luck and Howay the Lads


Personally, I think with the return of so many players, Newcastle will Survive the drop. Wins against Chelsea, and Arsenal shouldn’t be a problem and Michael Owen and Obafemi Martins should be able to fire Newcastle away to safety.

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  1. LFC-mad Says:

    i hope i dont know why but i have always had a soft spot for Newcastle

    and I really hope they don’t go down so good look

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