Shearer faces a bumpy road

For what seemed to be a party, it all seemed to go flat pretty quick but for Alan Shearer the hard work has yet to begin. With the Chelsea game bringing us nothing but another loss to add to this seasons total, it did bring a reality check.

Alan is a no-nonsense man and gave a no-nonsense impression on arrival at St. James’ Park, in the end nobody seemed surprised that even he himself couldn’t make a set of demoralised players perform. With us trying to find twelve points out of our last seven games, the task ahead seems to get more out of reach as the weeks tick by. Whether it can be done or not is a different matter, but Alan knew what was ahead of him when he agreed terms.

Many say it would have nothing to do with Shearer if the club where to go down, and that it would be the fault of this season’s previous managers. Only a percentage of that is true, but does Newcastle’s greatest ever player want to be the man that takes Newcastle down? The answer is no.

But his determination to take the throne could be the greatest quality that nobody at the moment in the world could offer at this moment in time.

Alan applauds

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