Ituano 1×1 Palmeiras; 3rd match without winning

Last night Palmeiras draw with Ituano in the city of Itu:

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The reserves

Palmeiras played again with the reserves in the Championship, but I don’t really no why. In the others matches Luxemburgo didn’t star with the first 11 Palmeiras’ would play a Libertadores game in the next couple of day - which is not the case, since next Palmeiras’ Libertadores games is in April.

Palmeiras’ coach said that, since the team is in a comfortable position to qualify to the next round, there’s no need to overload the players with many games and prepare then to the Libertadores, competition which the team is going horrible.

At least the first 11 players will be in better form to next game on sunday.

Match Analysis

Palmeiras entered with the formation that the team is using the most this season:

Maurício Ramos, Jéci and Marcão
Wendell, Sandro Silva, Jumar and Armero
Willians, Lenny and Marquinhos

With these players, this is a very fast attack, but with not many creative players. Marquinhos was designed to create the plays yesterday, but he didn’t play well (again).

The key player to Palmeiras’ draw after the disadvantage was Armero; the left-wing back played a good match been solid when defendind and very dangerous when attacking, been an option to be used by the attackers.

At the end of first half Jumar was sent of, which was a poor decision by the referee in the opinion of the commentator of television. I think it was a plausible hard decision: the referee decided to punish the player by repeated fouls and try to stop with them.

With one man down, Luxemburgo decided to put some first eleven players on the field: Pierre (Jéci), Cleiton Xavier (Marquinhos) and Keirrison (Willians). To me, his mistake here was to put Cleiton Xavier on the left wing of attack, a position which Cleiton does not play well. He is a player that usually search the game in the center, and when to coach said that he should go to the left wing, the player didn’t moved as much as he does. And, if he want a playmaker to play by the side of the field, he should have put Diego Souza in the game, since he plays well in that position.

Keirrison didn’t have many changes, as in the others games. But he proved that he is a good playmaker, with good passes that speed-up Palmeiras attacks.

Next game Palmeiras should enter with the first eleven, and then we will be able to see if the team is really in a cold streak.

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