Al Fahim: Maradona not coming

It was always too good to be true, however knowing Pompey there was always a slight possibility it would happen. This was the general reaction to the news that Argentina head coach Diego Maradona will not be given a role at Portsmouth Football Club.

News broke early this morning on that the Argentine icon was interested in becoming a ‘global ambassador’ for the club. Many believed it to be a similar role to that of ‘director-of-football,’ with Maradona overseeing manager Paul Hart and helping him in identifying potential transfer targets.

Arabian Business claimed it had been made aware of emails sent by Maradona to his lawyer, Angel Oscar Moyano. Arabian Business were the first news source to announce Al-Fahim’s proposed takeover of Portsmouth, and have since been the number one source in providing accurate and quality journalism regarding Pompey.

Whereas if the story had been reported by another source, or broadcaster, the story would have been swept aside as ‘ridiculous’, because it came from Arabian Business, many believed it to have some credibility.

Add to that Al Fahim’s supposed admiration for the football wizard, the story suddenly became a topic of interest amongst Pompey fans.

The original article quotes Moyano as saying Maradona ‘offers his mediation for signing players of a top level, who with the support of Diego Maradona will be ready to come to Portsmouth FC.’

The email goes onto say Maradona would have been prepared to have stepped down from his role as head coach of the Argentina national team.

Speaking to Gulf News however, Al Fahim was quick to quash rumours of any link up between the two parties.

The new Portsmouth chairman stated: ‘We have no relation with Diego Maradona or anything else and the guy e-mailed (someone else) and not us so we have nothing to do with it.’

Interestingly enough, Al Fahim is set to open a Maradona Sports Café in the United Arab Emirates later next year. In March, Al Fahim was reported to say Maradona was a man who had the ability and the potential ‘to change football teams’.

Al Fahim then added: ‘I don’t know if Diego Maradona can be a good coach. I think he has to be the chairman of a club and have the right to choose and buy players. In Napoli, he started from zero and built the club (as a player). He has the quality to change football teams.’

The small Argentine’s contract with the Argentine Football Association runs out after the 2010 World Cup, with the 48-year-old coach currently enjoying an annual salary of £750,000.

So as a rather exciting and positive story is denied of any truth or value to Portsmouth Football Club, Pompey fans can sit back and look forward to this Saturday’s pre-season friendly at Basingstoke…

Diego Maradona - maybe next year?

3 Responses to “Al Fahim: Maradona not coming”


    Dr Fahim, Maradona is a headache, you will be doomed to failure, he is still hooked on cocaine, guy does whatever he wants, and he will tarnish your image at the club, I know many people in Argentina who will do a better job than him for you.
    opening up a Cafe for Maradona is a crazy idea that not even Maradona himself would do, drugs and sports don’t mix, open a cafe called “CRAZY FOR SOCCER” locos por el futbol as there is in Argentina and it is visited by everyone, this is the link,

    Your too rich too smart, I would work for you on this project……


  2. Syd Says:

    Each one is free to have one’s own opinion but people are judged by their acts good, bad, evil etc. etc. and us humans are shades of all; a complex mix.

    Diego’s life is an open book and despite all his shortcomings, the man commands respect by each and all. As they say, the class is permanent but the form is temporary.

    And this is why Diego’s name comes forth off and on; not yours and mine…who are perhaps photogenic righteous men, fit for a photo-frame in our own drawing rooms.

  3. Merv Says:

    I would not believe anything that Arabian Business reports. Media in the UAE is weak at very best and tends to print whatever the local businessman want it to print.

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