New Home Kit?

Perhaps not the best time to be talking about next season’s kit but some ‘light news’ won’t hurt.

An image has leaked onto the Internet of what could be Portsmouth’s new home kit for the 09/10 season.

Whilst the image itself looks like a poor man’s Photoshop effort, knowing Pompey it could be true.

As you can see, it is essentially the same as the current shirt. There are only two differences:

  • White trimming instead of gold.
  • A new sponsor.

Portsmouth’s shirt sponsorship deal with OKI is said to run out at the end of the season. Whilst there has been no confirmation of a new sponsor, there have been plenty of rumours that the Intercontinental Hotels Group has won the race to have their logo on the club’s shirt.

Although many would be quick to say this shirt is ‘purely fake’, there are reasons to suggest why it could be the real deal.

  • Executive Chairman Peter Storrie stated the current kit would last for one season only, to celebrate the club’s 110th anniversary.
  • Storrie also stated that the club would return to the ‘traditional’ colours of blue, white and red for the season after.

It could just be the case that the colour scheme has been re-edited slightly and the shorts will return to the infamous white and the socks will return to the traditional red.

The major question concerning next season’s kit is this,

Will there be Premier League letters on the back of the shirt or Championship?

Let’s hope we have Premier League lettering!

Is this Portsmouth's new home kit?

2 Responses to “New Home Kit?”

  1. I*T*P*L Says:

    I like that, it looks pretty good, though the collar and piping looks very similar to this year’s kit, so I can see why you think it could be photoshoped. I think gold on football kits always looks a bit naff though, so the sponsor kind of ruins it for me. I’m glad you’re returning to the traditional white shorts and red socks, it’s instantly recognisable as Portsmouth, unlike the current 110 years (ridiculous!) anniversary kit.

  2. Oscar Tollast Says:

    I’m personally hoping they make the ‘IHG’ logo white, to suit the rest of the shirt.

    It was all a marketing ploy to make money for the club i.e. 110 year Anniversary.

    The club tried to sell the ‘all blue’ colour scheme by claiming Pompey won the FA Cup with it.

    By the way, if you were wondering why Pompey celebrated their 110th anniversary, it is because when our 100th anniversary passed, we were debt-ridden and unable to celebrate it properly.

    That was like in Milan Mandaric’s first year at the club and so we decided to celebrate properly but ten years later.

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