Go-mes? (Spurs fans of a nervous disposition please look away now)

Tottenham’s eccentric ‘keeper Heurelho Gomes has been the subject of a  bid from a mysterious club abroad.

Spurs boss Harry Redknapp revealed today that a non-English club have offered to buy the goalie for the same amount that Tottenham paid to land him, £7million.

The Brazilian keeper joined from PSV last summer but failed to impress in his first few games, making a series of disastrous howlers. However under Redkanpp his form has steadily improved and he has saved Tottenham from a number of losses recently thanks to some incredible stops.

Despite this Spurs have been linked with a few goalies recently fuelling speculation that Harry will take the money and buy someone else.

“I know a club from abroad that wants to give us our money back for him,” the Spurs boss told the News of the World.

“I’ve been looking for a little bit of goalkeeping cover but this boy’s shown unbelievable character.”

“He’s played every game, he hasn’t hidden and that was with a few injuries that he could have not played with - a hand injury that the physios were saying to me they’re not sure whether he can play with it.”

The Brazilian has become infamous for his blunders: the top (or worst) 5 are listed below (in chronological order).

vs. Aston Villa. Ashley Young can’t believe his luck as his slow, daisy-cutting 30 yarder squeezes under Gomes’ body, shocking everyone watching.

vs. Portsmouth. Just a week after the Villa farce, Gomes fails to holds Traore’s poor shot, gifting a rebound to Peter Crouch.

vs. Udinese. Not a good night for Heurelho. He collects the ball in his half and elects to try to dribble round Quagliarellabut loses the ball so brings him down in the box. He doesn’t save the ball. He also fails to save a poor shot which leads to Udinese’s second.

vs. Arsenal. Gomes goes walkabout as Mikel Silvestre heads home. The Spurs defence are left in shock at Gomes’ incompetence at coming to catch/punch/flap the ball.

vs. Fulham. Arguably the worst howler ever by a Tottenham goalkeeper. Former Spur Simon Davies directs a poor shot at goal and Gomes attempts to juggle with the ball before spooning it into the netting of his near post. (as it states in the tital, Spurs fans of a nervous dispostion really might want to look away now, it still brings me out in a cold shiver)

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As a result of these blunders Tottenahm were left looking at another goalie to sign, as “back-up.” The 3 keepers we’ve been linked with most heavily are:


Would be a fantastic signing, despite his age (32). The Irish stopper is definitely a safe pair of hands and is renowned as one of the best goalies in the premiership. However he dismissed reports of a move to the Lane at the start of December. Would likely cost around £7million and we would face competition from both Arsenal and Manchester City.


Has been linked with Spurs for the last year or so. Very promising but could be deemed surplus to requirements at City, especially as the newly rich club are lining up players such as Given and Buffon. Could be interested in a move and City could do business at around £10million. Arsenal have also expressed an interest.


The little known Polish keeper has been linked with Tottenham as recently as the 8th of January. The Polish press seem quite confident that a move is close and the players club, Polonia Warsaw, have admitted that they couldn’t turn down a “silly” offer. The club could offer Polonia Warsaw around 800k, and it’s suspected Warsaw would be happy to do business at this price.

That said, the club could hang on to Gomes. After all he is getting better and is fast becoming a fans favourite. Why not keep Heurelho and buy someone like Przyrowski as back-up?


8 Responses to “Go-mes? (Spurs fans of a nervous disposition please look away now)”

  1. Ched Evans is a HERO! Says:

    Please don’t take Hart from us, he is a great keeper, young, english and very commanding. Honestly £10 mil is a bargain.

    Hope City keep him.

  2. footyjourno93 Says:

    I agree Hart is a very good keeper. That said, I wouldn’t really want to sell Gomes and spend £10 mil on him as Gomes has started to look very good in recent weeks.

  3. Ched Evans is a HERO! Says:

    Yes, very true, in my opinion Gomes is just too unpredictable.
    In one match for example you will see his amazing reflexes then he will just flap at it? Sure he will get used to English league though tbh!

  4. Coneilly Says:

    Very informative article that I enjoyed reading.

    I don’t think Gomes will go this january, Redknapp isn’t stupud, He will wait before he has actually bought a replacement before selling him.

  5. I*T*P*L* Says:

    Two months ago if you’d said you could get £7 million for Gomes I would have thought take it before they change their mind. Recently he has started to look very good though, and i’d think twice about letting him go.

    Given would be the best replacement of the three listed in my opinion. I can’t understand why you signed Cesar Sanchez if you were never going to play him, even when Gomes was looking utterly dreadful. I suppose dropping him would have just killed his confidence.

  6. Lionel Messi is Darius Vassell Says:

    Good article, but no chance of you getting Hart. He’s a massively promising keeper, and City aren’t looking for another keeper to take his place, rather a more experinced one to act as a mentor for Hart, e.g. Cudicini or Friedel.

    Gomes has looked more secure recently but if I was Spurs manager, I would grab £7million off whoever.

  7. footyjourno93 Says:

    I agree with Coneilly. Can’t really see Redknapp selling him without buying someone else first. As for Cesar Sanchez, don’t forget he was bought in by Ramos. Apparantly Redknapp and his team were shocked by how bad he was. And by the way, I would be delighted if Spurs bought Cudicini, never mind City!

  8. Paul (No1Fan) Says:

    Spurs have to get a better keeper but can’t get rid of Gomez until they buy one.

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