If You Don’t Have Anything Negative to Say…

… Don’t say anything at all. It may sound strange, yet this statment has to be adhered to, to some extent. Not only last season, but also the season before that, fans and the media were predicting a top four finish. In both cases, it was an unbalanced team with massive potential being over-hyped. Now it doesn’t take a sports psychologist to know that got into the players’ heads and affected performances on the pitch. And in both the last two seasons, the side started abysmaly, the manager was changed, the backroom staff was changed, and the final positions, if you looked at them at the sart of the season, would have dissapointed tghe majority fans.


Martin Jol and Juande Ramos are just two of the men to feel the full force of outragous expectations

However, this close-season has been different. In many ways, Manchester City have taken a lot of pressure off the team with their big spending and high expectations. The fans and media alike were accepting that a top six finish should be the aim.

Yet listen to them now. Two games in, sitting at the top of the table with maximum points, and suddenly the aim should be top four, or even a title challenge. I have serious worries that this could seriously upset the team. Glenn Hoddle made a very true point on Sunday about Spurs having a better overall squad than Liverpool. But now that statement has heaped massive pressure onto the side.

It is, no doubt, going to be harder than ever to break into the top four, so we should not get ahead of ourselves and think beating Liverpool means we are going to be title challengers. Don’t get me wrong, there is no doubt in my mind that we can beat anybody in our day. I am myself getting more and more excited as the results (as the two results) role in, but I just feel we should keep our massive expectations inside.

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