Jenas Stripped of Vice-captaincy

Last night’s pathetic performance against an in-form Wigan side was not the only news that would shock Spurs fans, as the recent run of results have began to take its tole on the dressing room. Having just returned from injury, Jermaine Jenas was left on the bench for Tottenham’s trip to the JJB, and failed to impress after being introduced (although, who did?).

And this morning, the Daily Mirror revealed that, after a fall out betwean the vice-captain Jenas and gaffer Harry Redknapp, the midfielder has been stripped of his role as understudy to the frequently abscent, Ledley King. After failing to impress the new Spurs boss, it is beleived that Jenas may be sold in this current window, as Harry Redknapp prepares for a tough relegation dog fight. Although, he has slammed the current squad and said it is up to them to fix this club.

“The players got the club in[to] it, it’s up to them to get the club out of it. If you look at this club over the last 10 or 11 months you have got to be concerned – it’s pretty scary,” he said.

This is bound to upset the Spurs faithful, as Redknapp is beginning to sound more and more like a broken record. He continues to refer to the fact that the club only had two points from eight games when he joined, but he’s not doing much better at the moment!

With the signing of Stephen Appiah imminent, it seems Jenas could be on his way out of White Hart Lane. This is bound to divide the opinions of fans of the Lilywhites, as opinions are divided on Jermaine himself.

13 Responses to “Jenas Stripped of Vice-captaincy”

  1. Lionel Messi is Darius Vassell Says:

    Would love him at City. Just what we need – young, English, box-to-box midfielder. How much would he cost?

  2. juandeful Says:

    I don’t know about price. I think they’re talking £10m, but may be allowed to leave for around 7-8.

  3. I*T*P*L* Says:

    In all honesty I’ve never rated Jenas that highly. I would much rather have Appiah in my side. If him being stripped of his vice-captaicy fact or just Mirror crap?

  4. footyjourno93 Says:

    Love Jenas- one of our best I feel. Would loose a lot of faith in Redknapp if he let him leave on the cheap.

  5. Lionel Messi is Darius Vassell Says:

    If City wanted him, then I’m sure Spurs would add about £6 million onto the value. However, I think if he’s for sale, then we should definitely go for him.

    Just another little point, do you not think you should change your name ‘juandeful’ now he’s left?

  6. Toon Graeme Says:

    You are right – it was a pathetic performance.

    Wigan picked you apart in the second half. As for dafoe your new but old signing. Hardly set the world on fire.

    Anyway you dont need a toon fan to tell you how bad you were/are. You wont go down so dont worry!

  7. juandeful Says:

    I really should change my name, but I don’t know what to. It’s quite hard to do word play on REDKNAPP.

  8. Coneilly Says:

    Nice article, first I’ve heard of it, wouldn’t mind letting himg go, but for the right price.

    10 million atleast I would say.

  9. coneilly Says:

    Juandeful, could I just ask if you got the Tottenham Hotspur blog accepted into newsnow?

  10. Giovani Dos Never Gets PLayed Says:

    Hi Coneilly, I submitted it a couple of months ago, but got no response. It would probably be worth submitting it again.

  11. coneilly Says:

    Ok, I’ve submitted it again, will let you know of the outcome.

  12. Lionel Messi is Darius Vassell Says:

    just a comment on the newsnow question. I (for my City blog) tried to submit it into newsnow, as did I*T*P*L for Stoke, yet neither of us have had replies. I*T*P*L seems to think that newsnow won’t accept blogs that use other sites pictures – i.e. I often take pictures from google images or the official website.

  13. Coneilly Says:

    Well if you look on the forum a Hearts FC writer got accepted into newsnow…..I’ll keep in touch about if they do reply.

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