Lady Luck favours Spurs


Before the game, you could get silly odds on Burnley winning the Semi Final cup tie and progressing to the final. Up until the 118th minute, it looked as though Burnley were a dead set to progress to the final, but Football is a cruel game….

On a cold night at turfmoore, Burnley where ready to take on Premiership strugglers Tottenham Hotspur, who had a 4-1 lead from the first leg.

The equation was simple, Tottenham just had to see out the game, nothing fancy, just plain and simple keep ball.

It seemed as if it was just going to be a 0-0 scoreline, until the 34th minute, when Blake got a goal to make it 1-0 Burnley. The game stayed with just the one goal until the 73rd minute when McCann made it to 2-0. 88th minute= 3-0 Burnley.

There is not much I can say about Tottenhams performance; instead, Harry Redknapp will say it for me:

“He’s the only goalkeeper I’ve got and this is a football club that has been put together by I don’t know who and I don’t know how,” Redknapp stated.

“It’s a mish-mash of players with people playing where they want to play. It’s scary - I have to go to Old Trafford with that group of players that we had tonight.

“If Alex (Ferguson) is listening, I’m really going to send a real mish-mash team up there. I hope it doesn’t upset the fans, but we played extra time and we’re out on our feet a little bit.

“The lads who didn’t play tonight will play and I’m going to rest the key players who played tonight because I can’t afford to lose any more to injuries.”

”I had to play a few lads who hadn’t played too much and they didn’t do themselves a lot of good really to be honest with you,”

“The players should be fighting for their lives to stay at a great football club like this. Their future is on the line, they need to perform to stay at the club.”

Now, I’m sure you’ve guessed, but Spurs did manage to get through by the skin of their teeth, through a Pavyluchenko and Defoe brace within minutes of each other.

Redknapp continued..

“We’ve got some tough games, we’ve a game at Man United that really is so secondary to me now,” he said.

“We’re in a relegation battle and I can’t risk Jamie O’Hara, Jonathan Woodgate and Michael Dawson at Old Trafford.”

4 Responses to “Lady Luck favours Spurs”

  1. Lionel Messi is Darius Vassell Says:

    Just one quick point coneilly. Rodriguez scored the third goal to take the game into extra time, I think it was McCann who scored the second. Also, maybe use spell check in future.

  2. Coneilly Says:

    Sorry, I mis-read the scoresheet. I did use spellcheck, both Microsoft Word and the one on here.

    Other then ‘blakegot’ where I forgot the space bar, I can’t see any mistakes. If you would kindly point them out to me I would be ever so grateful.

  3. Nigel de Yong Says:

    - Football should not be with a capital F
    - turfmoore should be Turf Moor
    - Tottenhams should be Tottenham’s

    Also, I don’t want t osund too critical because I appreciate the effort you put in, but maybe read through it before you publish it, so some of the sentances read better

  4. Coneilly Says:

    The turfmoore thing, I didn’t know how it was and both spell checks said turfmoore. Though the other 2 I shouldn’t of made, to be honest I was in a rush and only meant to save it as a draft but there you go.

    It’s not too critical at all, I prefer it rather then ‘that’s good’ as this site is all about learning new things and improving your work.

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