Mansion Stadium?

After my recent article about a proposed move to the Olympic Stadium, my worries have seemingly been addressed. Daniel Levy has confirmed that Tottenham will be moving to a new 60,000 seater stadium. White Hart Lane has a capacity of just 36,000, with 20,000 fans on the waiting list for a season ticket. Levy also confirmed that, due to finances, naming rights will be sold. Coulod this mean the ‘Mansion Stadium’?

I have always thought Daniel Levy to have the manifestation of a very shrewd character, and his execution of the new stadium seems to be proving me right:

- He bought the land for the stadium with three different companies, as to not raise eyebrows.

- The plot is directly beside White Hart Lane. One of the reasons why Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium took a long time to complete was the various complaints they had to overcome. This way, all residents near the new stadium would have already lived next to White Hart Lane.

The new stadium will be in the shape of an oval, as opposed to the more atmospheric rectangle. It will have to be this shape, as to maximise use of both external and internal space. It also ensures that every seat in the house gets the best view available. The stadium will also be designed by the same designers as those that made the Emirates Stadium and Wembley.

New stadium build commences to the North of the existing stadium. The existing stadium remains in use at full capacity.

Out of season, the North Stand of the existing stadium is demolished and the new pitch is laid.

The partially completed new stadium is in use for one season with a capacity in excess of the current ground. The remainder of the existing stadium is demolished.

Out of season the remainder of the new stadium is completed, ready for the start of the following season.

4 Responses to “Mansion Stadium?”

  1. swji Says:

    Awesome pics. Where did you get them from?

  2. juandeful Says:

    tottenham website, under future plans. I’d like to see somebody sky a shot whilst it’s at stage 2 - no north stand!

  3. swji Says:

    Ball Boys will have a job then!!!

  4. footyjourno93 Says:

    Let’s just hope it’s not Darren Bent skying the shot!!

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