Olympic Stadium Move?

The North London rivalry is all about bragging rights, or lack of  if you support Tottenham. Arsenal have the top four status, the bigger stadium, the derby win percentage. Tottenham have North London: the fact that the club has been based in Tottenham for the club’s history, the one thing we have that Arsenal don’t have after their move from Woolwich.

But that could be on the cusp of changing, with the famous Lillywhites being linked with a move to the Olympic stadium in Stratford, East London. With White Hart Lane and its capacity of 36,000; there is a need for some sort of renovation, be that via extention or a new stadium, and the Olympic Stadium is promisiong to be a fantastic build with the bottom part rows of seats being removeable, therefore meaning that there won’t be too much of a gap betwean the stands and the pitch when it comes to the post-Olympics era. But, there would be uproar if the club was to relocate to the East of the capital, meaning the name ‘Tottenham’ would be obsulete, and Arsenal will no longer be our geographically closest rivals.

I am in no doubt as to the need for a higher capacity stadium, but going to White Hart Lane gives a special feeling. Perhaps home. Perhaps just because you know you will be entertained. But, the interior of the stadium is just familiar, and despite the size of the ground, the atmosphere is phenominal. The club has been linked with a short-term ground-share with Milton Keynes Dons whilst White Hart Lane is extended, but whatever happens, I would struggle to find a Spurs fan that wants this Olympic Stadium move, no matter how tempting the stadium looks.

5 Responses to “Olympic Stadium Move?”

  1. footyjourno93 Says:

    Hmmmmm…Tricky one. I must admit, the stadium looks amazing, but Spurs without White Hart Lane would be awful. I’d rather stay at the Lane. Couldn’t they just increase the ammount of seats at the lane? They also need to improve the transport to the Lane, which at the minute is awful.

  2. juandeful Says:

    The ideal would be to move to the Olympic Stadium or even Wembley whilst the Lane is being increased

  3. joecoops Says:

    Everton have a similar problem,There is a proposed stadium move to Kerby,Which is outside Liverpool,Something that has caused uproar in the Everton area.There is mixed feelings about the move, Most of the time though tradition comes first.

  4. Flamboyant Striker Says:

    olympic stadiums aren’t football stadiums. Stands are too far away from pitch. They should use only for olympics.

  5. footyjourno93 Says:

    I agree 100% with Flamboyant Striker. Any football ground with a running track is crap in my opinon!

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