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Football Tackles Getting Harder

29 October 2009 by Oliver
Following the injury of Theo Walcott many football enthusiasts are calling for tougher action to be taken against players who are going into tackles with too much force and injuring other players. In the Fifa Football Laws book it quotes ‘If a player uses excessive force in a tackle then the player should be dismissed straight away by means of a red card’ and no measures were taken when Liam Ridgewell slide tackled Walcott in arsenals 3-1 victory over Birmingham City. Although the football officials on the day didn’t find anything wrong with the tackle many ex referees have commented say that Ridgewell should have been sent off like Gary Neville in Manchester uniteds win over Barnsley where Neville tackled Adam Hammill and caught him high in the leg with his boot when slide tackling him. In Addition to Neville getting sent off, earlier in the month Souleymane Diawara got sent off for his harsh tackle on Cristiano Ronaldo which later resulted in him going off injured. Football Officials are looking to get the law clarified so that all harsh tacklers will receive proper punishment in the form of red cards and in some cases longer term bans.

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