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Serie A – defend, attack attack attack

7 November 2009 by sillyboy1

With the glory days of the 1990’s well past Italian Football, when the world’s best players used to choose Serie A instead of today’s football haven, the English Premier League.

Marco Van Basten, Ruud Gullit, Franco Baresi and current UEFA Presdient, Michel Platini. Don’t forget the genius of Diego Maradona, who graced the field of the San Paolo in Naples for 7 successful seasons.

These days Serie A lives in the shadow of the English Premier League and La Liga, but this doesn’t mean that there are not any talented players left in, what is still considered, one of Europe’s top leagues. With the number of foreign players reducing in Serie A since the beginning of the millennium, it has given more ‘home grown’ players a chance to shine on the biggest stage in Italian Football. A player who will be heralded as an Italian legend when he finally retires is the diminutive central defender, Fabio Cannavaro. The World Cup winning captain defies certain natural traits that him one of the best defenders of his generation. His 5’ 9” stature has never held him back in developing his tactical awareness and defensive abilities. The mental and physical strength are another two attributes that set Cannavaro apart from other defenders in Serie A.

A position made famous by the Brazilian’s in the late 60’s and early 70’s was the concept of an attacking full back. A player, who is considered one of the best in the world at this moment in time, is Inter Milan full back Maicon. His raw pace and attacking nature are parts of his game that make him feared by every club in Serie A. There are already two great examples of his attacking ability that have taken place this season, the third goal in the 4-0 derby win over AC Milan, or last weeks goal against Tuscan side Livorno.

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There seems to be a natural instinct for Italians to be extravagant as soon as they step foot on to a football pitch. One player who exudes this behaviour to a different degree is Antonio Cassano. The former Bari youngster has had spells at AS Roma, Real Madrid where he has undoubtedly underachieved for a player that was born with a natural talent to play the beautiful game. Despite this, his new found attitude, a lot he puts down to the love he has for his girlfriend, has led to his most successful spell in his already up and down career at Sampdoria. The fact that he is the leader, conductor, orchestrator of this team, seem to have given him the responsibility he needs to show off his undoubted natural talent. His ability to create ‘something out of nothing’ is a trait that makes him a threat anywhere in the last third of the field. Check out these two examples of Cassano’s ability to create goals for his very thankful teammates.

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A player similar to Cassano is Marek Hamsik, a Slovakian who, after a successful spell at Serie B side Brescia, moved to Napoli where he has moulded himself into a promising box to box midfielder. His direct nature has seen him become the second top scorer in Serie A so far this season, with his goal against Juventus showing his ability to be in the right place at the right time, an art that cannot be taught in football.

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Who is the best player in Italian Football? At present it is Antonio Cassano, despite Maicon probably being the best full back in the world at the moment and Marek Hamsik developing into one of the most desired midfielders in European Football.

The best way I can describe Cassano is, if there was a machine that built Italian football players, the outcome would be Cassano. The enthusiasm, exuberence and natural talent are attributes that every Italian football should have, but Cassano is finally now using them in the right way, to win football matches.


  • cruyff said:

    Good article mate.

    Cassano has been one of Europe’s best players in the last two years; hopefully he gets the chance to show it at the world cup next year, and prove his doubters, who consider him a liability, wrong.

  • Challenge Feedback said:

    * A good structure
    * You reach a good conclusion
    * Good detail for the word limit

    Things to work on:
    * The layout with the videos has gone wrong
    * The iddle section doesn’t read very smoothly

    All in all a good effort though.

  • Challenge Feedback said:

    Sorry, I meant the middle section.

  • sillyboy1 (author) said:

    thanks for the comments
    if anyone has tips on the videos, it would be greatly appreciated

    cruyff, Cassano is under rated, deserves one more chance at a really big club, no disrespect to Sampdoria

    any more comments are welcome guys


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