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Who will win the Carling Cup?

2 October 2009 by mattio13

It may not be the biggest cup in England, but the Carling Cup has had some really exciting matches over the years. Remember Southend and Coventry knocking out Manchester United in recent seasons? Tottenham winning Chelsea in the final in 2008? Burnley’s awesome run last season? Magical moments! In this report I will analyse a few teams that are still in the competition and look at their chances of winning.

Teams Chances

 Blackburn Rovers

Blackburn are sitting 15th in the Premier League table and are going to be near the foot of the table for most of the season. Rovers won against Gillingham 3-1 in round 2. In the 3rd round they faced Nottingham Forest. Blackburn’s have got a slight chance of winning, but it’s most unlikely.

Manchester United

Title winners every year since 2007 and it’s the usual for Manchester United (challenging for the title) this season. United have only played 1 Carling Cup game this season, beating Wolves 1-0 at Old Trafford. United have got a real chance this year and although Ronaldo has moved on Manchester United are still a powerful side.

Aston Villa

Villa want to finally get into the top 4 this season so this cup won’t really matter to them. Martin O’Neill boys are really going to struggle against Sunderland who have started brilliantly in the Premiership.  Aston Villa have a good chance of winning the Carling Cup if they try, but Top 4 obviously comes before Carling Cup.


In the past few seasons Spur’s have been a dominant force in the Carling Cup, getting into the final in the past 2 seasons. Spurs will be full of confidence after thrashing Preston 5-1 in Round 3. Spurs can do really well in this if they try.


The Carling Cup is a tournament Chelsea won back in 2007 against Arsenal, and now they want to win it again. Chelsea are one of the favourites to win it and need a trophy to keep Abramovich happy.


This is the cup Liverpool seem to struggle in. They are more concerned about finally winning the title which is obviously the number 1 priority. Liverpool will probably field a weakened team against Arsenal.

Manchester City

The Blues may rest key stars against Championship strugglers Scunthorpe. City would rather break into the top4 than win the Carling Cup. They have a high chance of winning but I don’t think they will field strong enough teams.


After a dodgy start to the season the blues are back, and as strong as ever. The Carling Cup is something they can win!

Round 4 Fixtures

Sunderland v Aston Villa

Tottenham v Everton

Arsenal v Liverpool

Chelsea v Bolton

Man City v Scunthorpe

Barnsley v ManchesterUnited

Blackburn v Peterborough

Portsmouth v Stoke

I firmly believe this will be a close cup. I’m going to go with a Chelsea triumph as Ancellotti will want to win this as he will not accept poor performances, especially if they reach the final. Most of the other teams will field weak teams as the Premiership is more important.



  • leewilson said:

    I like the style of the article Mattio! What you need to work on is your spelling and punctuation errors throughout. Maybe copy and paste it all into a word document and use the spell checker.

    Perhaps a few more concreate reasons why certain teams can win the Carling Cup will help as well.

    Overall, you’re getting better but your main job at the moment should be to make sure every one of your articles have no errors at all.

  • mattio12 (author) said:

    Thanks for the advice, i’ve done exactly what you said, I was struggling to fit it all in so this is the best i could do, but i’ve got years to learn!

  • leewilson said:

    Take a look in the first line. One spelling mistake there. It won’t show up on a spell checker because you’ve spelt another word by mistake!

  • Steven Goran Eriksson said:

    Lack of research into this article. Man City have played their strongest available team in both rounds of this cup so far, so when you say that you don’t think they will field strong enough teams, it’s clearly untrue. Apart from this, I couldn’t be bothered reading the rest of the article.

  • mattio12 (author) said:

    which word because i don’t know which 1??

  • Steven Goran Eriksson said:

    Why delete my post when I am correct and only trying to help? If you looked, he means the word ‘exiting’.

  • I*T*P*L said:

    “Exiting”. It should be “exciting”. Unfortunately spell check won’t pull you up on it because exiting is a word too, as in: after exiting the stadium, he went to drown his sorrows.

  • mattio13 (author) said:


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