Is the England kit really worth £50

The new England kit was launched a few weeks ago and it costs a ridiculous £50. Umbro (owned by Nike) say that the shirt has two main aspects which would explain for the cost.

1: Tailoring: Oh that’s great if your in the England squad but most of us fans are not so how do we get tailored for our very own England shirt.

2: England Baselayer: Awesome! An England baselayer, oh you have to buy it separately.

The retro look is a great idea but you have to include at least one of the main assets in the purchase and in this case Umbro/Nike have to include the baselayer. And, even now when they have not included the baselayer they should make sure that manafacturers give free hero printing on the back of the shirt because the shirt looks a lot better with the red number and name on the back. This England kit is not worth more than any other, it is better than them but £50 is a lot of money for a mediocre white shirt. If you buy one you won’t be the envy of anyone because by the World Cup it will be a lot cheaper.


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  1. admin Says:

    You can buy it for £40 here, if it makes you feel any better:

  2. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Bellamy you’re not bad either ;) Says:

    The baselayer is immense Soo good!

  3. I*T*P*L Says:

    I wouldn’t pay £50 for it, but then again I don’t really support England. For £50 I’d want something a little more interesting, I could buy practically the same shirt minus the logo for £5 in any cheapo shop. By the way, what’s a baselayer?

  4. mightyhammer Says:

    a baselayer is a tight shirt that you wear under a sports top. You can buy a range of different ones. Some keep you warm some keep you cool (for cricket) and the england keeps you at optimum temperature.
    thankyou very much admin I might consider getting one now because £40 sounds a lot better than £50.
    Ched Evans IS MY HERO Bellamy you’re not bad either have you got the baselayer???

  5. mightyhammer Says:

    also admin, is it allright for me to post these general topic subjects even though I am specifically a West Ham blogger?? I just like writing about general things in the world of football like my superfly topic. I have got another blog about the new F50’s nearly ready but just want to make sure it is within the rules.

  6. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Bellamy you’re not bad either ;) Says:

    Mightyhammer…i have the baselayer yes Love itttt

  7. mightyhammer Says:

    coolio do you have the shirt as well???

  8. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Bellamy you’re not bad either ;) Says:

    No, I don’t, too much, baselayer is good as I wear it for all sports

  9. mightyhammer Says:

    yeah i might think of getting one but the Nike Pro ones are awesome and cheaper.
    do you like the Nike Superflys??

  10. Ched Evans IS MY HERO :) Bellamy you’re not bad either ;) Says:

    Baselayer is tigher I think, sticks to your skin more like under armour.

    Superfly’s…yeah they look amaze but I would still go for the white adipures personally, not sure how much they are though.

    I saw an article on the pink vapours from nike, really funny >>>

    ”Steven, I was looking through football boots and you know the pink nike ones that Bendtner wore, heres what an article said about them!

    ‘Nice boots! Do they make them for men?

    Finally, Nike answered Nani’s call for a prettier boot and he can now do his ballet moves in the corner, in conform AND style!

    Seriously though… what are they thinking? The only legitimate reason I can come up with, besides what I already mentioned above, is that they’re preparing for the Women’s Euro in 2009… but that isn’t till the 23rd August 2009, so surely there’s enough time next year to promote these.

    Nike don’t usually make such decisions without a lot of forethought, so I’m sure there’s good reasoning for the berry pink, but if they seriously think a professional “male” player is going to wear these boots in a competitive match (please don’t prove me wrong here Ronaldo and/or Nani), I think they’ve got another thing coming…

    Well either that or the player who wears them is going to have to be really, really fucking quick! Just imagine the amount of people (present company included) that’ll be queuing up to slide tackle the knob that even tries to make these look cool. WHACK! Cop that you punce!”


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