West Ham Takeover: Is it a good thing or a great thing?

What does it mean?

Firstly the takeover means that West Ham United have hopefully left all the financial trouble behind and can start to rebuild again. It also means that West Ham can move forward with a clear conscience and the team can hopefully be strengthened by the new owners. But this is where the problem lies. Newspaper reports say that Gianfranco Zola will have to sell the stars of the team to create his own money for transfers, but the owners say that they will make sure that Zola will get a transfer budget.

Who are they?

CB Holding are a group made up of three different Icelandic banks and they are in dire financial trouble but West Ham’s new Non-Executive Chairman Andrew Benrhardt still promises to give Zola a transfer budget to work with.

The Future

Andrew Bernhardt said,”We are all committed to a long-term vision. We are playing great football, have our Academy at the heart of the club and are looking to the past to move forward in the right way. I can assure all fans that I will never lose sight of this. I am determined to bring success to West Ham United.” This is good news and hopefully the club can move on finacially and table positionally.

What do I think?

I think that this is a good move by the Hammers and hopefully our long term future is now pretty much secure for a while even though CB Holding are not in the best financial position in the world. I also hope that we can spend some money on some good players but overall I think this is a step in the right direction however it is still not quite a GREAT thing!


2 Responses to “West Ham Takeover: Is it a good thing or a great thing?”

  1. Steven Goran Eriksson Says:

    One point – and it is a rather major point:

    You haven’t actually been taken over in the sense of Man City, Aston Villa, Chelsea etc. CB Holdings have actually helped out your Icelandic owner, rather than pumping vast amounts of moeny into the club. So you’re not actually that rich!

    Just wanted to point that out, sorry.

  2. mightyhammer Says:

    the club has been taken over, Gudmunson is gone so ur not fully correct. From what I have said I can’t see where you interpreted that I have said that we now have loads of money. I am just saying that we do not have owners that are 300 million pounds in debt. I also said that CB Holdings are in dire financial trouble themselves.

    Could you tell me which bit to change because I don’t want more people to get confused by what I mean about the takeover.
    Thanks anyway!!! I am not trying to be rude here either by the way.

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