2010 World Cup - Asian Qualification

The Asian Football Confederation have been assigned four guaranteed places for the 2010 World Cup with an additional play off opportunity.

43 countries are in the running for these spots including first timers Timor-Leste and Austrailia who has recently moved over from the Oceania Football Confederation.

All 43 countries are split into 3 seeding pots. The top five seeds receive a bye from the first two knockout rounds whilst the next best 19 countries are placed in Pot A whilst the final 19 are in pot B. Each Pot A side is randomly paired against a Pot B side in a two legged tie.

Of the 19 teams that progress from that round, the 8 lowest seeded teams face off in four seperate two legged ties whilst the remaining teams go straight into the 3rd round.

The 3rd round contains 20 teams who are split into five groups with four teams in each group. Each team is drawn in turn from the four seeding pots. Two teams from each group of four qualify for round 4.

Round 4 contains the ten remaining teams who are then divided into two groups of five. Once again there are four seeding pots with two teams in pots 1-3 and the lowest four teams in pot 4. The top two teams in each group qualify automatically for the World Cup. The teams that finish 3rd in each group will then face off to determine the 5th place ranked team who will then have a play off against the winners of the Oceania section.

So far, Australia, Japan and South Korea have qualified for the World Cup whilst the 4th position is currently being decided by a three way battle between Korea DPR, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

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