2018/2022 World Cup Feature:Who Is Bidding For The 2018|2022 World Cup?

In 2018 and 2022, the world cup will be celebrating its 21st and 22nd birthday and along with England there are seven other countries biding for both and two biding for only 2022 tournament. Since Africa and South America are due to host the world cup games in the coming years, they were ineligible to host either tournament so the bid is likely to come from Europe, Asia or Oceania.



 Our first rival bidder is Australia. With their world class stadiums and recent success at hosting the rugby world and many other prestige events, the ozzies are strong opponents. With a strong government backing the bid, Australia will have all the finances in place to update or build new stadiums. Their bid is likely to be successful one day but more likely in 2022 rather 2018.

 Holland + Belgium

 The second rival bidder who is also bidding for the world cup in both 2018 and 2022 is a joint bid from boarding countries Holland and Belgium. Although Fifa have recently said that joint bids would not be allowed in the future, Holland and Belgium could be the last host to use this method if their bid was successful. Even though Holland and Belgium hosted the European championship in 2000 successfully, the two European Union teams are not favourites to host either tournament.

Spain + Portugal

With no world cup wins between them Spain and Portugal are determined to change that by bring the world’s biggest competition home. Although Spain and Portugal have recently hosted footballing competitions, their high class stadiums are a must for this type of tournament. As joint bids are likely to not be accepted in the future years, Spain are reportedly thinking of placing a world cup bid on their own.


 Another strong competitor for both the 2018 and 2022 world cup is the USA. With an average stadium capacity of over 60,000 no world cup bid can be without the USA. As the United States have recently hosted both the male and female world cups recently, America are more likely to be awarded the 2022 tournament if awarded any. Any bid for the world cup from the states will pose a serious threat other bidding nations.


Japan is to become the first Asian country to be bid to host the world cup twice. Although Japan have high class facilities, their bid hopes are very unlikely as they were co-hosts with South Korea just seven years ago. If any bid was successful, it would be more likely to be in 2022 as Japan has just won rights to host the 2019 rugby world cup.

South Korea

Along with fellow 2002 co-host Japan, South Korea are also bidding for the world cup but only for the 2022 tournament as improvements are needed to their facilities. As well as Japan, South Korea are unlikely to host this tournament as they’ve hosted it only seven years ago. In addition, Korea has not got a stadium with 80,000 capacity which is required but they could upgrade an existing venue to meet the capacity.


With climate change looming on us, Indonesia are launching their bid with an environmental theme. Not only have the Asian country pledged over 1 billion dollars for their campaign, they have also stated that all of the necessary infrastructure and facilities will be built environmentally friendly. Indonesia has also had experiences hosting tournaments as they hosted the 2007 AFC Asia Cup which went very well.


As well as Spain, Russia are a serious contenders with their excellent facilities which would only need few upgrades. With a passion for football like the Russians have, the state is prepared to invest over 10 billion dollars to get the tournament to Russia. Having never hosted the tournament before, Russia are strong contenders and having won the rights to host the 2014 winter Olympics, Russia are already working on improving the stadia as we speak.


Along with South Korea, Qatar are also bidding only for the 2022 world cup. With only a population of just over 1.3 million, Qatar has only a few world cup standard stadiums but with over twelve years till the tournament Qatar has time to build such stadia. With temperatures in the summer exceeding forty degrees, Qatar will also have to take many precautions to be able host the world’s biggest football competition to combat with sun stroke. With an Arab country never hosting the world cup, Qatar is trying to become the first.

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  1. I*T*P*L Says:

    I hope somewhere exotic like Indonesia gets to do one, the competition’s are always more interesting coming from such places, they build amazing stadia etc. It’s also interesting to see how well teams cope with playing in a tropical or sub-tropical climate, while when the competitions are held in countries with strong teams they always stand a very good chance of winning, which slightly lessens the appeal. I expect we’ll see that from Brazil in 2014. There’s no danger of that with somewhere like Indonesia.

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