Which European Team Will Succeed The Furthest At South Africa


With the world’s biggest football competition fastly approaching, we take a look at what chances our big European teams have of bringing home world cup silverware.


The first team we look at is four time champions and current holders Italy. Although Italy’s odds of winning the world cup are twelve to one, Marcello Lippi’s side have been drawn in a potentially easy group with only Paraguay potential challengers. As Italy somewhat struggled to qualify for this years tournament, they are the underdogs to win the biggest football competition. Although reaching the final of the tournament in two thousand and six, the Italians squad is ever aging which prompts a less fit team.


Our next world cup hopefuls who also reached the world cup final in two thousand and six are France. Although France controversially qualified for the Fifa World Cup this year, the onetime champions are booked as sixth to win this competition. With their talent spreading across the world from Chelsea to Barcelona, no wonder the French are close contenders for the title especially since their World Cup group was announced. With small sides such as Uruguay and South Africa in their group, it’s easy to tell why France are placed to be group winners.


Having only won the World Cup once no wonder the three lions are looking to improve on their last two positions in this competition (the quarter finals). Having only lost one out of ten of their qualifying matches, Fabio Capello’s men are placed by the bookkeepers to be third in the line to win the trophy. England’s chances were improved even more as they drew the USA, Slovenia and Algeria. With all of the teams the Three Lions were drawn against having a chance of over sixty six to one of winning, Capello and his England side were very happy when they heard their group with only the USA a potential threat.


As the favourites for the tournament, Spain look to progress the most out of all the European teams. With their vast talent spread across the world, it’s not hard to see why an iconic footballing nation like Spain are looking to bring World Cup silverware home for the first time. As the European champions completed the qualifying stages with a one hundred percent record, Casillas and co are looking to improve their world cup record and go further than the round of sixteen which they achieved in Germany three years ago. This dream was intensified when they drew an unbelievably easy group.


The final European team we look at is Portugal. Although supposedly drawn in the group of death with: five time champions Brazil in their group, Portugal have the most expensive player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo and other world class players not ruling them out yet. Having never won in this competition, the Portuguese are looking to improve from fourth place position which they achieved in the last World Cup in Germany.  

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  1. Challenge Feedback Says:

    two thousand and six > 2006
    onetime > one-time
    aging > ageing

    Nice analysis of the team’s groups and their chances of progress.
    Good use of the odds to give the reader and idea of the team’s chances
    You told us all about each team, but there was no conclusion as to which European Team will go the furthest…
    Good images used, excellent length a well put together article.

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