Organisers plan accomodation for travelling supporters

The South African World Cup organisers have planned to provide a huge fleet of aeroplanes and shuttle buses to escort supporters to neighbouring cities and countries following matches at next summer’s World Cup.

The move comes following admissions that several cities would not have enough hotel accomodation to cope with the amount of travelling supporters to matches. Neighbouring countries such as Swaziland, Mozambique and Botswana will allow batches of fans to stay on their land during the tournament.

Danny Jordaan, World Cup organising committee chairman, said that moving supporters, players and the media around the country would not be a problem despite the logistical challenges involved in doing so.

He said: “I think we have enough accommodation, but not always in the right places. In some of the host cities, if we get a big match, we will have to accommodate people outside the host city, move them in and move them back. We are looking for at least 1,000 additional buses and 200 additional aircraft to move people in and out. You’ll find a bed to stay but, unlike in Germany where in every host city people could find a bed, in South Africa that will not be the case.”

Organisers will be keeping their fingers crossed that teams with a large travelling support, such as England, are not required to play in venues that will require complex planning when the draw is made on 4 December. Around 40,000 England supporters are expected to travel to South Africa with the number possibly rising to 100,000 if the team progresses well into the tournament.

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