World Cup 2010 Stadium: Ellis Park, Johannesburg, South Africa

One of Johannesburg’s stadium for the 2010 World Cup is Ellis Park stadium also known as Coca Cola Park. The arena predominately hosts Rugby Union and hosted the Rugby World Cup final in 1995 where South Africa won the title in front of their fans. Ellis Park Stadium is also well known for the disaster in 2001 where 42 people were killed after a stampede occurred during a soccer match. The stadium holds around 60,000 supporters and will host five group games, one second round and one quarter final match during the 2010 World Cup.

Coca Cola Park

 The stadium has already received various upgrades for the World Cup. The northern side will see 5,000 extra seats fitted in whilst areas such as the presidential suite, the hospitality room and changing rooms are being revamped. The total cost of renovations was around £500 million and was completed in June 2008. Unlike most other World Cup venues, Ellis Park stadium will be able to use the commercial name Coca Cola Park during the tournament as Coca Cola is a major FIFA sponsor.

Ellis Park Stadium


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